Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Our Christmas this year was amazing. Besides the horrible weather that shut down Oregon and getting hit by a car, it was pretty great. We stayed with Mel and Kirk, which was so nice of them to let us invade, and had a wonderful time with them.

The biggest surprise of all was getting a puppy! Melissa told Ben and I this horror story on the way to the Lancaster Mall about how Pet Stores kill dogs who get too old be "cute" and that a manager was actually caught at one drowning a dog. We couldn't believe it! So of course she insisted that we went into a pet store (just to look) and Ben saw this little puppy asleep in her box. I was looking at other dogs and someone asked if we wanted to hold one. He picked one out, the sleeping one, and we held her. Immediatly we both fell in love with her and Ben said, "If you want her, we can get her." Well that was a stupid question. Of course I did! I've been wanting a puppy ever since we got married. So what I think he was really saying was, "I really love this dog and if we get one it has to be her. Do you agree?" Right now we are working on potty trainer her, not an easy task, but we're working on it!

Christmas was great with me getting a new camera, a new pair of Big Star jeans, lots of earings from Ben and a really cute shirt from Kirk. Ben got this organizer thing from Jeff and we gave Jason a picture that he had been looking for for a couple years. The whole family did not believe that this picture existed becaue LeAnne had searched for it forever! So all winter long, I've been snapping pictures with my cell phone and sending them to LeAnne, trying to find this picture. Finally, I was in Costco and I snapped one, sent it to her and Ben and I left. She called me and said, "Are you still there?" I replied, "No. We're in the parking lot." She then told us to turn around, she thinks that's the picture. So we got it, and gave it to him for Christmas. Jason told us that when he saw what picture it was, he almost started to cry. We were so happy that we could get him something that he really wanted!

Mom and Dad got us a copy of the beautiful table that we've been house sitting for Jason and LeAnne, since they are taking it back in February. They also gave us some beautiful big pictures from our wedding to hang on the wall. We are so grateful for them, and love them very much.

After Christmas we took family pictures and went to Jake's Baptism, which was very special. He is the first of my niece's or nephews that I've seen baptized, and it meant alot to me that we were there for it.

Finally it was back to Utah, which in an odd way feels very nice to be home. I never thought that I would feel like anywhere but Monmouth was home to me, but I really do here. Ben and I own our condo, we have great friends around us and family not too far off (although they get farther in February, thanks LeAnne), and are continually bleased with successes.

Our Baby Miley!

Mel and Kirk opening Guitar Hero World Tour!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Come Fly With Me

Ben and I went to our Ward Christmas Party this year (not something we have done in the past) and found that they were doing a silent auction for families in need. Ben and I feel so blessed and have been wanting to do something for others this holiday season. The perfect opportunity presented itself when one of the items up for auction was a helicopter tour of Salt Lake City Temple Square while the lights were lit up. We scheduled our tour twice and it was canceled both times because Utah decided that it was kind of close to Christmas and should probably have some snow. Ek. There was a clear up in the weather, but it was really bad timing. I am currently stressing over have to complete finals, and finish up two of my three jobs. Grading papers kind of sucks by the way. So... Ben convinced me that I ought to take a break from school, that it would do me some good, so I drove up to Salt Lake City's airport to board the helicopter. The tour was incredible! We flew over Hogal Zoo, something Ben was unaware of even existing! The lights around the city were so beautiful and you could see Larry H. Miller's house all decked out with lights, which I'm sure he put up all by his self. It was insane that that was actually someone's real home! The temple of course looked so beautiful, it just glows! Ben said that the old chapel looked like a gingerbread house all lit up and there were even ice scaters skating in the park. The pilot and Ben talked about how the skaters looked like the little Christmas villages where you have skaters on magnants that skate around the pond. They were so cute! On our way home, the tower dispatch was announcing that there was a search and rescue going on, which then turned to a search and assist (meaning that they aren't looking to rescue anyone, because they are probably dead). Of course my little news ears perked right up and as soon as we got off the helicopter, I called ABC and told them what I had heard, and asked them if they had caught that through the scanners at the station. They had not, and were very glad that I called. The only down side was that I did get a little motion sick, but not until we were already heading back to the airport. We came home and just enjoyed the rest of the evening relaxing and getting ready for today's finals. I'm almost done with school for this semester, and I couldn't be happier. April is coming, and although the thought scares me a little bit, I am excited for the next chapter in our lives. Whatever that is. Christmas is fast approaching and we are a little worried about the weather going home. Hopefully we'll have no delays. That's all from our neck of the woods right now, hopefully I'll get a post loaded before the New Year, if not, have a GREAT Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be safe and we love you all!

Ben and Megan

The footage I was able to get before my old stupid camera broke!

The Capitol

Ben: Ready for take off!

Hogal Zoo Lights (it's not easy taking pictures in a moving helicopter okay?)

Monday, December 1, 2008

In Mourning...

So today I was on my way home from school and thought that I would call Mom, to ask her a question about Christmas. She answered the phone, "Hello!" So full of happiness and excitement. Just as I was beginning to say, "My you sound..." My thoughts kicked in and I suddenly realized and exclaimed, "YOU'RE IN DISNEYLAND AREN'T YOU!?!" I had totally forgot that Mom traveled down Sunday with LeAnne, Jay and the kids to the happiest place on earth, hence, why she sounded so happy. She told me all about Fantasmic and how Zach's face was priceless when he saw Buzz and Woody! Shortly after, Ryan called me and told me he just got Mickey Mouse's autograph, someone Zach was calling "My Mickey Mouse" all weekend.

So here I am, stuck in Utah, going to school and work and feeling a bit under the weather, and they are all there. How I can't wait to be out of school and travel to places whenever I feel like it. The Second depressing thought is that this week last year, Ben and I were in Disney World. His first trip and mine since I left working there.

I miss you Disney. I miss the fun, lighthearted feeling you give me. And the thoughts of romance and true love. The fireworks.. oh the fireworks...I truly miss you too! Maybe I'll get a surprise trip back there someday...

Friday, November 28, 2008


Proud Uncle Ben!
Thanksgiving was good timing this year. Both Ben and I felt that we really needed a break, from work, from school, just basically from life. We remember that this time last year we took off to Walt Disney World right after thanksgiving, and that thought is a little depressing sense we aren't going anywhere except back to life this time.

For Thanksgiving LeAnne and Jason were kind enough to take us in and let us stay up there Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon. Thanksgiving was great, except for my camera breaking. I got around 3 pictures until I had to stop,and then I used LeAnne's much nicer camera to catch the atmosphere of the day. Check out her blog if you want to see those pictures. After feeling like we were all going to puke, we watched Incredibles with Zachy, and eventually everyone went to Bed.

We got up early to go to Home Depot for Uncle Ben who got some new tools and a ladder and then hit Jeremiah's for breakfast. Yum! After that it was back to Home Depot where we found Jason a ladder and then home. By that time, Ben, John and I all felt like it was time to go back home and we got home around 3:00. Ben and I decided to go see James Bond, finally, and really enjoyed it. After that we went to the mall and looked for suites which, after James Bond, some how didn't look just right. (he wears $1500+ suits in the movie and is well... JAMES BOND!!!) So now we're home and relaxing from a tireing day of relaxing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Great Dissapointment...

Here's a couple of picture of Ben and I at the Ward BBQ before I had to leave for work. ABC4 was full of Ute fans so I had my hands full wearing my "Quest" shirt from BYU. Sadly to say, BYU lost by a massive amount because of 6 turn overs. Lame. Oh well, always next year right? Still... we've got some interesting photos. Too bad Ben's such a goof! But hey, that's part of the reason that I love him. Right? Right...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not funny

Ben thinks he's funny and found a solution to my problem. I don't think it is very amusing.... Doctor update coming soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So the last three days this has been the scene around my house. Piles of Klenex. Yes, it is a little gross, and yes, that is Cold Stone next to it. My allergies have been FREAKING out and if I'm not sneezing, I'm blowing my nose or sniffing. Needless to say, Ben has been very patient. He says that he's sleeping with a lightsaber because Darth Vader is sleeping next to him (that's me). He thinks he is so funny. But he was very sweet yesterday buying Kung Fu Panda for me and ice cream. He did put his foot down today though and told me to get an appt. with an allergy specialist. I think he'd like some sleep for the first time since we've been married. So... finally I did. Tuesday will be the day! Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong and we can fix it! Just as long as I can keep drinking Dt. Pepsi/Coke! Thanks for everyone who has been so kind while I've had the sniffles!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oral History

So for my Media History class we have to interview someone about their life and the effect media has taken on them. I thought no one better than Dad, who has so many wonderful stories! So I will be periodically updating the blog with some of his answers and bites from his interview. It'll be so nice to have records of this!

Friday, October 24, 2008

He Loves Me!

These are a picture of flowers that Ben got for me. No, they aren't real, and no, that's not my home. They are virtual flowers. When I got home from a long day at school and work, I checked my email and found these. Although some might think this is cheap, I actually liked it. What are flowers anyways? A reason to say, "Hey! I was thinking about you." They are way cheaper than real flowers, an expense right now no one really needs. But still, all I ever want to know is that my husband is thinking about me. It was very sweet, and I am very lucky.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stop it Already!

Look at that face! Look at it! It is so not fair to have a child THAT cute. It's faces like that that wear me down and go... maybe it's time. The decision to have children is one that I have contemplated a lot lately. Everyone has a different opinion, wait you have forever, or don't wait... they're great! Whatever your opinion you can't deny that I am constantly surrounded by cute kids. Whether it's my own family here in Utah or back in Oregon or Veronica or Chelsea or Andrew's kids... they are so darn cute that it's getting hard to rationalize with myself. So my message to all you people out there. Stop it! Stop having such cute kids because I think that I might go crazy if you keep having them! For my own sanity... please!

Love Addiction

So I found a phone that I love, and then it was stolen. We all know the details. Finally Ben and I caved and got a new phone. No, I didn't find it, and no it wasn't returned. But I am back in the information age again. It is nice to be able to text Ben while he is at work, just to say hi or something like that.
On a lighter note, we are so excited to go up North to LeAnne and Jay's for Halloween. Ben and I have our costumes all picked out and it's going to be so much fun to be with the kids! It is so nice that when we don't have kids of our own, to use LeAnne and Jason's as a substitute and then give them back. We are supposed to watch the kids the rest of the weekend while Jason and LeAnne get a well deserved weekend break before the holidays hit. The one little glitch is that I work for 10 hours on Saturdays and so that leaves Ben alone with all four kids. Is he worried? No. He thinks that it is going to be a piece of cake. Well, we'll see about that. :) I think if Ben could get pregnant and have the baby himself, we'd have five already. It'll be an interesting weekend.
Today I am looking forward to 4:30. Why you ask? I am getting a massage. I have some left over from my Birthday present from Ben and I've been in a lot of pain lately. So today I finally found some time and I'll get to relax a little.
That's what we are up to this week so far. We'll update with any interesting info. Don't hold your breath.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm just a Broadway Baby....

Anyone who knows me (Megan) knows that I'm obsessed with Broadway. Going there, being there and everything to do with it. It's always been a big part of who I am. Even in High School, in the morning my Mother could hear various songs floating up from my room. Well, graduation is looming, and in April I'll finally be done! I'm so excited! As a 3 year anniversary and graduation present, Ben and I are going to go to NYC. With the economy crap going on, it's not going to be as easy as I assumed, but we're still going. If anyone hears of any good deals, please let us know. Although Ben isn't a fan of musical theatre, he's learning to appreciate it, and is excited to go as well. After all, we're just a bunch of Broadway babies...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rockin' Robin....

Since life continues to get worse in the economy and Red Robin continues to bring in instant cash... I'm still there. After a brief visit of the hospital at the beginning of the month (i'll blog about that more later) I returned to Red Robin with my brand new cell phone, favorite color. I normally don't bring anything into the restaurant, but because it was a new phone, I needed to enter in phone number of co-workers that were texting me. It's very annoying when people are texting you and you have no idea who you're talking to. Especially when they are asking you Disney trivia.
My phone died while I was entering numbers in and I placed it into the managers office, so it would be safe. Well, wonder of wonders, at the end of my shift, my phone was gone. I have looked for it and pleaded for it to be returned, but the thief persists. So for the last two weeks, I have had no cell phone. It's amazing how you depend on something so much, and with out it, you feel quite out of the loop. But also, I realized that I don't really need one. Yes, it is nice to be albe to talk to Ben any time I want, but is it a necessity? No. It's just nice. Alas, I've signed a 2 year agreement, so I will eventually have to swallow my anger and buy a new phone. A message for the preson who stole my phone... I hate you.
Anyway, Red Robin continues to bring in some cash, though we're slow right now, and I have more friends like Brittany, Lindsay and Justin returning, so it's becoming more bearable. Just as long as I get out of there before I die....

Break on through....

As many of you know I was at ABC4 this summer in Salt Lake city, interning for school. Well...apparently they liked me and I was offered a position to come in and work with them on Saturdays. It's great because it works with my school schedule, a minimal time commitment with a great effect on my resume. One of the pictures is of the editing deck that we use to navigate the show, the picture of me is during the end of my internship. Watch the Saturday evening news at 5:30, 6, 9:30 and 10, to see writing from yours truly.

Macho Man

Before AND After

Just in case you haven't been around... Ben and I bought a Condo! We bought it just south of BYU campus, we figure it's a good envestment opportunity since housing around BYU is always needed. Especially for Married Students. Another bonus was that we now live very close to some of our best friends. When we first moved in, we hadn't unpacked all of the boxes and Ben started pulling cabinet doors off and sanding them down. Over the next month, Ben would go to work in the morning and when he came home he'd immediatly go down to the storage unit and start sanding. With the help of some good friends, Ben refinished all of the cabinents, replaced the counter top and made our kitchen look fantastic! Like I said, he started ripping things off the wall almost right away, so I got a mid shot...not a before shot. But just imagine awful oak cabinents and nasty countertops like in every single student housing. We're redoing the bathrooms next, and then have the same things in them, so I'll post some pictures of those so you can get a better idea. Isn't Ben just incredible? I was amazed.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fall+Football= Good times!

Yes, I am aware that it has been forever since I updated the blog and that I have no right to be annoyed with those of you who take so long. Sue me. But... as I have no camera, and Ben isn't about to buy one just yet, I have to depend on other outlets. This part of the blog is about Cougar Football, I am so excited for. Ben and I bought all sport passes, when in reality, they need to create all-football passes, since I could care less about other games. Never-the-less, we are excited. I have already prepared Ben for the fact that I will be buying new BYU gear and that is never cheap, but he seems good with that. So LETS GO COUGS!
Other news on the horizon is my Camry...Rest in Peace. Needless to say, oil is an essential part of having your car work and mine finally threw in the towel. Now we are shopping around for a new car and think that we're buying Jason (my brother-in-law) car. It's a little expensive for what we were looking for... but it'll do. So the Smith home will be a little tight for a while, but we'll manage.
Last bit of news, school is starting and I am actually quite excited about it. This is my last fall semester (hopefully) and that means that graduation is just around the corner. After all the detours and what not, I'll finally graduate, Ben will be done and we can start real life. I'm not sure that's a good thing, but I guess we'll find out. I'm still at Red Robin, and will be there for as long as my personality can take dealing with those people. I've done pretty well so far, but we'll see. Friends are coming back and that always helps, I can't wait to see Lindsay! Our house is finally out of the construction zone and now onto the next project. Just as soon as we can stop the never ending flow of family... we'll start again. (Is that a good thing?)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Birthday Wishes

My birthday was fantastic! I started out the day with two of my best friends who went shopping with me all day for things around the house! It was fun, and probably boring for them, but still...just what I needed to do. Ben had to work, so we went up to Draper and had lunch at Trangs with him.
Then we headed over to IKEA for some more things and home so that I could go to class. At class I was overwhelmed by the other ten people in my class, whom I barely know that brought me chocolate and baked me a cake (which was forgotten at home by accident) They all felt bad that I had to be in class on my birthday. But fortunetly my teacher cut class short and I actually beat Ben home. I was able to talk to Michelle (sister) on the phone and have a really great conversation with her. Man I miss my family.
Ben got home and I knew that he probably had something up his sleeve, so I got off the phone and we talked about dinner. He said that he parked out on the street and then on our way out, he went up to Tania and Derek's house and said, "Oh I think that I parked up here." So we went up and all of our friends were there and we had ice cream pie, and brownie cup cakes. Ben got Maccaroni Grill take out (my favorite Shrimp Portofino) and we played a rousing round of NERTS, and won! Ha ha! Take that Jeremy!
Ben also told me that I could go shopping for whatever I wanted, I just haven't gotten around to it yet, but he still got me a present. Seven massages at a SPA in Provo. Very nice. I of course told him that we should use one and do it together, he was quite pleased by that suggestion.
So that was my birthday! All of the sibiling called, and so did Mom and Dad. I don't think I've ever made Dad laugh that hard, or be called a 'rascal' by him before, but that's between me and him. :) I knew I was his favorite.... Love you all, and thanks again for all the birthday wishes. It was the best birthday yet!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ode to Red Robin

Off to work and as always I feel....unsure. Work is a means to an end right? So why is it so hard to go. Come visit me if you can, it's always nice to see a happy face and not have to fake smile ALL night long. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"You're so good, it scares me..."

So today was an interesting day at ABC. First off, before I even went to work, I became dizzy and was worried that I was going to be sick again. But...I pushed through and carpooled like always with Ben. Once I got to ABC, the morning meeting began and I found out why Ben and I got stuck in traffic all night Sunday. Someone died in a car us complaining about traffic felt a little selfish when someone lost their Mom.
But, the newsroom was all a frenzy because President Bush was coming to Utah to raise money for John McCain. We didn't have near enough stories had to be shelved or rushed. I began the morning by writing for our 4 o'clock producer Jen and she gave me a story to write for Barb Smith. I finished and turned to her to tell her I was done. She started laughing and said, "You know, you're so good it scares me" she then said that she sometimes wondered if I would be better at her job then she was. I told her she was silly, and she said, "You just write so fast!" She asked me when I graduated... basically there is a job waiting to write for ABC if I want it. Not sure I do....
Then I went out with the reporter Buddy to shoot the Presidents Motorcade arrival. He was an hour late, so a lot of standing around. Finally...He drove past us in the limo. It was about 15 seconds of excitement... whop-tee-do. But I got to shoot a stand up and Joe, the Photog, said "That was really good, don't you think that was good Buddy?" Buddy agreed and they continued to remark on how usually the interns suck at stand-ups and that it went really well. Someone later saw the tape when doing Buddies story and said that it looked really professional. Yea! So exciting. I watched the newscast and then went to pick up Ben from work. We were teased that Lost season finale was tonight...they lied to us. :( Sad. But we hit Costco for food, fruit and shower curtains. Ben's brother Josh is coming to visit us this weekend and we figure we might try to make the house as livable as possible since we're gutting it anyway. (I'll put up pictures soon).
Well kiddies, that's all from the Smith household tonight. Love you all.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hiking The Y

Our Friends wanted to hike the Y saturday morning...(for those who don't know, there is a GIANT white "Y" on what we Provo people call "Y-mountain") It is a long standing tradition for students to hike it, and many of our friends had never done it. So we all woke up early Saturday morning to hike the "Y". Ben decided to sleep in though...that's why you don't see him.

Disney World!

Just thought that I would post some pictures from our wonderful Walt Disney World Trip!
Ben had never been to WDW, apparently his family went with-out him when he was on his mission (how mean!) and let's face it, even if I hadn't worked there, I still would be a huge Disney FREAK, but since I have never gotten to share my Disney experiance with someone who I love, I thought that we should go down and have some fun!
So, November 2007 we went down for five days and had a magical time! Ben was especially thrilled with the ice cream from Magic Kingdom and I loved the fire works! It was so much fun, we were sad to come home. At one point Ben commented that we should just give up real life and come work there. I was all for that as you can imagine! :)

Pictures Above: Tower of Terror, 3-D Glasses and Ben Being Goofy!

Daily News Anchor

Well, as many of you know, I am a broadcasting major at BYU and today I had to substitute for the Anchor who was gone on vacation. I had never done this before and the beginning is a little shaky...wrong cues and things like that....but it turned out alright for the first time. The link is under the Daily News Newscasts as are my other reporting stints. Each has their own interesting story behind the scenes. Enjoy!