Friday, May 29, 2009

Candyland Memorial Day

For Memorial Day weekend, Ben and I traveled up to Logan to visit Jay, LeAnne and the kids. We came up on Saturday and stayed through Monday. We were sad to leave, we had so much fun. On Saturday night, Ben and I went on a date with Jay and LeAnne. We went to this Mexican restaurant that way really good, and then to see Star Trek. Okay, it was basically awesome.

Sunday was a quite day, full of poor Ryan being sick. We didn't catch anything, which is fortunate because apparently it's highly contagious. ;) But we're great.

Monday, I went to Old Navy with LeAnne and bought some cloths for Ella while Ben with Jason and the boys to Sportsman's Wearhouse. So fun for all. We had a great BBQ full of skewers and pinnapple. Me and Ben were playing Candy Land with the kids and I thought, "Hey, I don't have any pictures of this weekend!" So I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures. I wish that I would have gotten Ben playing football with Jake, running around with Ella on his shoulders and just the fun we had!

But here's a few of the one's that I got before the weekend was over.
Everyone having fun
The cutie WATCHING like she's supposed to
Zack's turn. He laid all his cards out in order. It was so cute. He always copied what Ben said, "One Blue, Two yellow" so funny.
Uncle Ben's turn
Ella deciding that it's her turn. Look at that face. She knows that she's not supposed to be playing... but she wants to so bad. :)

Thanks for all the fun you guys! We miss you already!

New Moon

So right up front, I am going to say it: I like the Twilight Series. Bash me all you want, call me crazy, I do. Given, the first movie was a little... well, not what I had in mind, but still enjoyable to watch. The second movie, New Moon, will be far better for many reasons. To name a few: Bigger budget, better makeup and hopefully better acting. I found on line pictures that are linked together to form sort of video-like footage of one of the most climatic scenes in the movie. If you don't want to have it spoiled for you, DON'T WATCH! But, if like me, you have read the book.... enjoy.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

4th of July

So I am a little crazy and thought that I would look around for dresses for my little niece Ella to wear on the 4th of July. Trust me, its a big deal! Since I won't be there, she has to represent.
Here are some options that I've found that I really like.

This is my favorite Dress. You could put a little shirt under it if it is warm and a little white sweater if it gets cold. You never know what the weather may be like in Oregon. It could be both in fact.
The next option is fire works dress. Same basic principle applies, sweater or shirt acceptable.

I just love this little warm up outfit. Regardless if this is the dress for the 4th, it should be worn at some point over the holiday. SO CUTE!

This is just adorable. Sailors have to do with the 4th right? Kind of. So cute!!

Yes, I am crazy. Point taken.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, I was so surprised by the New York thing, that I blogged about it, obviously, and sent a text to my Mom saying, "read my blog, read my blog" .

She calls me about an hour later, and says she can't look at the blog, she's at work. What's going on? I whined, and said "But Moooommmm!!"

She point blank said, "Well, either your pregnant or you got a job. Which is it.?" After I stopped laughing, I told her the dissapointing news. No grandchild on the way, just going to New York.

Needless to say, she was a little underwhelmed. Nothing like thinking your getting a baby from your baby and then having your hope crushed to make your day.

Made me laugh, hopefully it will make you laugh too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Early Birthday Surprise!!

OK, let's just start right off the bat and say that I have the best FREAKING husband in the whole world. Many of you know that we changed our New York trip (the one that we've been planning since we got married) to go to Hawaii with Mel and Kirk.

Ben has been dropping hints around lately that he wanted to tell me my bday present now, so we could plan. Now my bday is not until June 5th. Not too far away, so I told him to stuff it and keep the surprise to himself (I love surprises). But today he finally just told me.


Not just for a weekend, but for week and for the forth of July to boot. This means that we get to watch fireworks over the statue of liberty. He he he. I am giddy just thinking about it. He he he. See I just can't stop.

This morning Ben was saying that we need to buy tickets for some shows (like Wicked) now because they are so popular. He said, "We could see one a day, or even one in the afternoon and one at night, unless you think that is overboard." I laughed and said, "I think I'll manage!" I mean, come on, does he honestly think that I would get sick of MUSICALS. PU-LEASE!

So anyways, I just had to spread the AWESOME news and ask any New York pros out there, I know you're there, to give me any advice on hotels, shows, tickets and places that we must go and eat! Woo hoo!

He he he (See, still excited!)

Here are some of the ones that we Might See...

Wicked because... Well, It's Wicked.
I've seen Lion King in LA, but Ben REALLY wants to, so we just might.
Hello? Do you know me? Mary Poppins is my IDOL!The MOST beautiful music I have ever heard. I HAVE to see this one. Ben has already, but too dang bad!

Any others that YOU recommend?

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Graduation Gift

My wonderful parents not only came to Utah for graduation, but bought me this BEAUTIFUL photo. What do you think?

Now, to go along with this picture, I'm thinking that maybe I want this one...
It is a beautiful picture of the Portland Temple, where Ben and I got married. I think it will make a beautiful addition to our home. Now just to get Ben on board...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

They love eachother!

We were worried for a little while about these two. But as you can see, they have become fast friends. This is Miley's window bed that she lays in when we're not home. She now shares that spot with Sadie.

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Mexican Independence Day!
(Now you're free to move to America!)
I'm only kidding... geeze...
We had a little get together on May 5th where we had enchiladas, 6 layer dip, and my favorite, Margaritas. We made a ton of food, but quickly realized that most of the people that we were going to call moved out of the ward at the end of the semester. Lame! We especially missed the Thoits, who we know, would never have missed a party like this. Although... we think they probably had a little more festive celebration in Puerto Rico. What to you think?

Jason and his newest treasure

Picking the skin off of Ben's peeling back. Yuck.
New Mom Sarah Wilcox enjoying her Margarita! Maybe a little too much... :)
Jessie Gibbs and Jonah joined us. Jonah was giggling and laughing so hard that he headbutted the ground.
Tania and her "Mexican" shirt. Oh yeah, Derek too. :)
Ben and his little baby.

The New Baby... SADIE!

Our New Baby: SADIE!!Yes, her name is different. We went with Maybe at first. If you have ever seen Arrested Development, you understand. But we soon figured out that we called her Mayley all the time because it was just too similar to Miley.
Ben came up with Sadie in Hawaii, but when we came home our good friends Tania and Derek said that that was funny coinscience, because they always said if they ever have a girl, they'd name her Sadie. So we tried to come up with a different name, hence Maybe, but it just didn't work. With their permission, and the realization that Sadie will probably be passed-on by the time they have kids, we named her Sadie.
She is a tiny Yorkie, and we love her. She is so spunky and gives our Miley a run for her money all the time. She is quickly become the favorite of many (Jeremy) but we will always love our first born Miley! Especially since Miley is trained and obeys. We are still working on that with Sadie.
We were anxious about the two dog relationship. This is how it has been playing out.
This is how it all began. Sadie chasing Miley...

Now it is a different story...

Miley has now realized that she can dominate! I have the greatest videos and pictures of them on my phone and I will try and figure out how to upload those. They are great! We can't wait until everyone can meet our new baby!

We are crate training Sadie right now, we just don't want to go though the pain that we did with Miley. It's rough going right now, but we're working on it. Sorry if you can every hear her yelping, she has the most pathetic scream ever. We are very fortunate to have Rachel and Jeremy (who love to walk the dogs) and Tania and Derek help us out when we are not home taking her out and playing with them. We are so glad that you love our dogs as much as we do. I think sometimes a little more!

The Last Day (Hawaii Pt. 9)

The last day was spent lounging around the pool, eating in and just enjoying our last night there. We were so sad to leave the next day, and by the second leg of the plane ride to SLC, I was going a little crazy. We were excited to be home and see friends, and miss friends, and see our new and old pups. These are just pictures of the place we stayed taken our last day.

Waikiki for the Last time (Hawaii Pt. 8)

The night after skydiving, we went down to Waikiki to enjoy some food, beach and our last real night in Hawaii. Mel and Kirk met up with an old exchange student they had, Morgan, and his girlfriend. I thought Mel was going to kill the girlfriend because someone had never taught her to chew gum, or maybe a cow did. It was crazy. I told Mel that at least sometimes she was chomping on beat with the music. That didn't help...

At dinner

The beautiful sights...
So cute
Burned feet!
Look at Ben's legs!
Mel and Kirk

SKYDIVING (Hawaii Pt. 7)

One day in Provo, Melissa called us and asked us if we would be interested in sky diving while in Hawaii. We both said YES and then a football accident happened. Kirk was injured while playing and had to have surgery on his collarbone (that's putting it lightly) and so he and Mel wouldn't go. So Ben and I went. Ben was so excited and I was... less excited. But we went and have a DVD to boot. I will post it when I figure out how, and you all can have a good laugh at how freaked out I am. For now, here are some pictures.
Above is me with my certificate after the drop.
My tandum master. He was very understanding about how freaked out I was.
The parachutes.
Posing in front of the sign, after the jump.