Friday, June 6, 2008

Birthday Wishes

My birthday was fantastic! I started out the day with two of my best friends who went shopping with me all day for things around the house! It was fun, and probably boring for them, but still...just what I needed to do. Ben had to work, so we went up to Draper and had lunch at Trangs with him.
Then we headed over to IKEA for some more things and home so that I could go to class. At class I was overwhelmed by the other ten people in my class, whom I barely know that brought me chocolate and baked me a cake (which was forgotten at home by accident) They all felt bad that I had to be in class on my birthday. But fortunetly my teacher cut class short and I actually beat Ben home. I was able to talk to Michelle (sister) on the phone and have a really great conversation with her. Man I miss my family.
Ben got home and I knew that he probably had something up his sleeve, so I got off the phone and we talked about dinner. He said that he parked out on the street and then on our way out, he went up to Tania and Derek's house and said, "Oh I think that I parked up here." So we went up and all of our friends were there and we had ice cream pie, and brownie cup cakes. Ben got Maccaroni Grill take out (my favorite Shrimp Portofino) and we played a rousing round of NERTS, and won! Ha ha! Take that Jeremy!
Ben also told me that I could go shopping for whatever I wanted, I just haven't gotten around to it yet, but he still got me a present. Seven massages at a SPA in Provo. Very nice. I of course told him that we should use one and do it together, he was quite pleased by that suggestion.
So that was my birthday! All of the sibiling called, and so did Mom and Dad. I don't think I've ever made Dad laugh that hard, or be called a 'rascal' by him before, but that's between me and him. :) I knew I was his favorite.... Love you all, and thanks again for all the birthday wishes. It was the best birthday yet!