Friday, February 27, 2009

I Passed!!

So, I decided that although I feel there is nothing really worth blogging about in my life right now, I hate when people don't update THEIR blogs... I also don't know that anyone ever reads any of this stuff... so here goes.

It is no secret that I am awful at Math. Always have been. I honestly do believe that I put up a mental wall when anyone starts talking numbers, much of the time when Ben talks about stocks, I just zone out.

So when I knew that I had to take Stats 221 my last semester in order to graduate, I had many mixed feelings. The most dominant: Why the heck to I need to take General Classes anyway? Aren't they supposed to help you decide your major. Uh... done thank you. I just think it's a waste of time.

So, I took this class, hate it, and take my first midterm. Needless to say, it went terribly. I came home very upset, worried that I wasn't going to graduate and poor Ben, said the wrong thing and I blew up! I don't think he really understood the magnitude of my feelings. I was truly scared that I wasn't going to graduate!

I went and talked to my teacher, hoping that he would give me like half a point credit for each one I went back and did, or let me do something! He was very nice, but just said "Try Harder". And I have been. I have been trying SO hard! This week the second midterm came up. I was so terrified. This was going to make or break me.

I came out of the testing center, looked up at that horrible screen that had my score, and..... I PASSED! I was so happy! I couldn't believe it! So happy I wanted to celebrate, but Ben was at work, and all my girlfriends were busy. So I came home and celebrated with Miley, who thankfully showed the expected enthusiasm.

So there's a post to make up for my slackerness! Love you all!