Monday, August 8, 2011

Second Trimester Stats


Baby bump: Not really noticeable. If I eat a big meal then I look it, but since I've not been keeping anything down... normally it's not there.

Clothes: Still wearing the same ones. Jeans, everything. We'll see how long that lasts, but for now, I'm grateful.

Weight: Actually lower than when I got pregnant. By about ten pounds. Oops.

Feeling: Well this weekend ushered in my second trimester and the worst feeling I've had my whole pregnancy. Let's just hope it is a bug and not a sign of things to come.

Baby: We got to see the little stinker on Thursday. The baby was lounging, yes, I'm serious, LOUNGING in my belly. Arms up and behind it's head and ankles crossed. My baby is just cooling his/her little heels down there while mama is working hard. Can't say it didn't make me a little peeved. :)

That's pretty much it. I will post baby bump pictures when there is a bump to show. :)