Monday, July 26, 2010

I know I know

Okay, I know that I've been a terrible blogger lately, blame it on the stress of moving (more on that later) So here are some catch ups from the world of the smiths.

I made (with the help of my wonderful friend Brynn) sweats for Stacy for Graduation. I love the collegiate collection from Victoria's Secret, and I have U of Oregon sweats that I adore. However... they do not have them for BYU. Go figure right? So I thought that I would make my own for Stacy and me too of course. My co-worker Rebecca found out that I was making some for Stacy, and she wanted a sweatshirt too!

Stacy was so surprised and loved them!
The Sweats had little jewels on them to give them a little bling!

The back! Go Cougars!!
The arms said ALUMNI with your major on the end! Then you can see it says BYU and the grad year on it!
The next big news is that Ben got a job with Property Solutions! He is the Regional Vice President of the NorthWest. However, this job makes Ben and I move to Washington. We are excited about the move, even though I lose my job in the process, but we are anticipating our first big move in over four years of marriage. Outside of Utah.

We went to Bear Lake with the family for a week and then to Washington to try and find somewhere to live. Here are the few pictures I have of those two excursions.

Partaking in local customs. I had a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate!
Our new home. In July... cloudy. Really?
Best Part, my favorite candy store is in the North West. Mmmm... sour belts from the Sweet Factory. My mouth waters just thinking about it.
Ben enjoying some time with our niece and nephews. Ella, Ryan and Josh! Aren't they good looking kids?
Ben and his Ella girl! We love her so much!
This is the plan for now...
August 6th, pack up the moving truck.
August 7-9th, spend the weekend with Pierce and Stacy.
August 10-20th, Spend some time in Oregon with the family
August 20th, Move into our new place!

Love you all. And I will try and keep up with bloggin. I've just been so stressed because we don't have renters yet. :(

Sunday, July 25, 2010


After two renters backing out, Ben and I are in desperate need of renters for our place. Please send anyone you know that is looking for married housing our way. We are thinking in the 900-1000 range, so please send them our way!

Also, any prayers that we find someone said on our behalf would be nice.

Thanks and love you guys.