Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary - To: Megan From: Ben

30 Reasons why I love you, Megan!!!

1. First off, I love that you steal my ideas! (but make them better since I would have kept it private. The blog is much cooler!)

2. I love that you make everything I do and think better! as noted above, so you make me better!

3. I love how you make everything I do worth while. There's nobody better to enjoy life with, even all the work!

4. I love all your facial expressions! Especially, the many that make me laugh! (I'm even smiling as I Rolodex a few in my mind)

5. I love that it's not your birthday so I only need to list 5 things for our anniversary:)

6. I love your pity laughs for my dumb jokes!

7. I love that you'll be an excellent mother! (and your strength and patience as you wait for the privilege)

8. I love that you have so many different tastes and preferences than me! (even though they're wrong, especially baby names!)

9. I love your witty sense of humor! (I'm not the only person you make laugh)

10. I love how much you make me laugh! (I'm not always laughing at you, just when you're a stinker!)

11. I love your confidence and courage!

12. I love to hear you sing! You're so good. Some songs show off how truly extraordinary your talent is! (To the point that I'm mad at you like Gail!)

13. I love that you love working with high school kids in their plays.

14. I love how excited and happy you are when you get home from a rehearsal.

15. I love watching you teach in primary! And watching you gloat about later to your mother ;)

16. I love that you love hugs since I love your hugs so much, I get more!

17. I love how beautiful you are, no matter what you're wearing!

18. I love your willingness and effort to make my priorities yours!

19. I love how well you know and understand me, and still love and appreciate me.

20. I love that you keep me in check when I get imbalanced.

21. I love you method for getting rid of your gas! (this is one that I'd like to post a picture of, be thankful)

22. I love your cooking!

23. I love how you support and back me up.

24. I love how talented your are in writing! (and I look forward to the novel you're going to write!)

25. I love when you share your crazy dreams with me!

26. I love your passion for reading! (Even though you read the same books so often.)

27. I love that you're competitive.

28. I love looking into your eyes and knowing what your thinking.

29. I love that you love me even though I love you more than you love me;)

30. I love that five years is only the beginning!

Love, Ben

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday/ Anniversary!!!

So Ben is turning the big 2-9 Thursday! I can't belive he's almost 30. What an old man! I thought that I would type up 29 things that I love about my husband! Also, it's our 5 year anniversary on the 29th! So that goes along with it too...

Some of the pictures actually go along with the reason, the others are just fun pictures. Love you babe! Happy Birthday!

1. I love how handy he is and that he remodeled our condo!


2. This one might be TMI: But I love his KISSES!!
Disney World
Silver Creek Falls
Okay okay, you get the point! :)

3. I love that he somehow thinks that bugging me constantly about how I don't like all the nasty things that he puts on HIS burger is going to make me change my mind! YUCK!

4. I love that although he gives me crap for it, he supports my candy eating habits by bringing me my favorite candy from a store in Seattle every time he visits.

5. I love the way he looks when he plays with my niece Ella.

6. I love the way he looks at me when Ella and I are singing and dancing around.

7. I love that even though he drives WAY to fast and yet I still feel safe in the car with him!
Bear Lake 2009

8. I hate that he gets out of speeding tickets whenever he gets pulled over. But I LOVE that we don't have to pay for his speeding habits.
Central High School Football Game 2010

9. I love that he doesn't get mad at me when I get in a car accident.

At home with the Girls 2011

10. I love that he tells me that he loves me all the time!
Hawaii 2009

11. I love that we can communicate with out actually saying anything to each other.

Ben's Birthday 2009 (Hawaii)

12. I love that he is goal oriented and tries to get me to be too. (Even though I find it really annoying at the same time).

Duck Game (2010)

13. He made my dream of going to New York City come true.
Times Square (2009)

14. He took me to Disney World.
WDW 2006

15. Twice! :)
WDW 2010

16. I love that he asks me to explain Harry Potter in detail. AND he took me to Harry Potter World!
Universal Studios 2010

17. He took me to Hawaii.
Anniversary 2009

18. He encourages me to explore and be daring. Example: I don't think I would've ever jumped out of plane if it weren't for him.
Skydiving in Hawaii 2009

19. He tells me that he loves me multiple times a day!
Ben's Birthday 2010

20. I love that he loves hugs. I wasn't a big hugger, loved to kiss, but hugging... now I can't get enough. I love hugs!
Day we got engaged January 2006

21. I love when he smiles and his mouth is open and his chin is up in the air. I love that he knows that he does this. And that he knows it looks silly.
Broken down on Space Mountain WDW 2010

22. I love how he works so hard for our family.
Bear Lake 2009

23. I love how he has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.
Fiddler on the Roof 2010

Savior of the World 2009

24. I love that he supports my weird coat/purse fetish!

December 2008 (Both coats are mine)

NYC Subway 2009

25. I love that he is a BYU Cougar fan! Just like my Daddy!
BYU v Utah Game 2006

26. I love that he thinks that I'm cute when he knows I'm lying to him
Las Vegas 2010

27. I love that he actually thinks he knows when I'm lying to him. :)

SLC Temple 2010

28. I love that he supported me getting my degree BEFORE we had kids!

BYU Graduation 2009

29. The BIGGEST reason I love you is...

I can't even say! I'm just so grateful that he had a lapse in judgment and married me! Or how he put it "You were hot!" Happy 5 year Anniversary on Friday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Date Night

I have the most wonderful husband. That goes with out saying. Not only does he love me, but he encourages me to embrace the things that I love.

So when I asked him if we could go see Billy Elliott which was coming to Portland, he said 'Of Course'. But to add to that, he said, "But only if we get good seats,"

See!! We are perfect for each other!!

Billy Elliot happened the Thursday before the baby shower. I was stressed, sick and Ben had been sick since Monday. So we piled into the car halfheartedly and off to Portland we went. We stopped by P.F. Changs for some dinner, but the wait was too long. So we ordered it to go.

We sat in the parking lot, in the back seat of our car, sharing Mongolian Beef and Lettuce Wraps.We sat laughing at each other and suddenly we both were feeling a little better. We got to the theater, went to the bathroom and had three minutes to spare.

The show was so fun. Great Dancing and touching. There is a lot of swearing in it, since it's an Irish Mining Town. But there were times where I laughed, I cried, and my mouth dropped open in shock. So overall a good experience.

Ben wasn't in the mood to take any pictures, but I insisted on documenting something.

I sure did miss my friend Kristi Hill at this moment cause she's willing to take crazy photos with me! This was taken at Legally Blonde The Musical in SLC

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Melissa's Baby Shower

This weekend was my sister Melissa's baby shower. And any of you that know me, or have been following the blog, know that I have been planning/working on this for a few weeks now. And I think that it turned out pretty good. :)

Melissa and I are the closest in age than we are to any of our other siblings. And since our family goes, Boy Girl Boy Girl, all the way until Melissa and I (Girl Girl) we are also the only two that have a sibiling of the same sex next to us. So to sum up... we're pretty close. :) She and her husband tried about 5 years for this precious gift of a baby, so I wanted her baby shower to be something that didn't disappoint and everything that she could ever think of.

Here are some pictures from the event for Melissa and Baby Kalli!

My Beautiful Sister (and Kalli)

The Banner says 'Kalli' and has Castles on the side flags. The colors all matched her bedding which was the theme for the shower. Princess. With pink, purple and green. Here is a picture of the pillars that I wrapped with white lights and tulle to look kind of like a castle.

The spread. The "K" for Kalli, chocolate fountain, fruit platter, raspberry napoleons, cupcakes with raspberries and crown tags, the "Sugar, Spice, Everything, Nice" candy jars, the diaper cake, flowers and butterfly sugar cookies, fruit platter, chicken salad croissant sandwiches, and raspberry slush punch. Mmmm!!

The napoleons. Raspberry and Lemon! These were a big hit. Gone before I knew it.

The cupcakes and the crown tags. So cute.

The Candy jars. Melt-a-way mints, Hershey kisses, Jordan Almonds, and Sweet Tart Jelly Beans

The Diaper cake. Made with the same ribbon as the banner. The bear on the top of the cake is the same bear that Melissa had as a baby. It was hidden away by Mom to give to her as a gift, but I pulled it out, stuck a crown on top of it, and Mom tied a bow around it. We thought it was the perfect cake topper. Brought the sentimental element, plus, it's darn cute.

Ah, the rose balls. Everyone kept asking how long these took me to make. When I answered that it probably averaged 5-6 hours a piece, I think they changed their mind about making some for their daughters. :) Ha ha.

The pillars again. I loved them so much. There were tulips (white, purple and pink) around too. You can see some of them on the pillars here. I didn't get any other pictures of them.

The gift table. Yeah, she got a lot. :)

Opening the blanket that I had my beautiful and talented friend Stacy make me... I mean her. :)
So that was it. It was fun and exhausting and I went out to Chinese food with my Aunt who came into town for the shower and my parents that night cause I refused to cook anything. My fortune cookie said, "Today is a good day to have some relaxation." Thank you Confucius. I know. :)

A BIG thanks to Mom who helped me with everything, sanity, food prep and money. And to LeAnne for hosting it at her place, and for making the cutest sugar cookies ever!