Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary - To: Megan From: Ben

30 Reasons why I love you, Megan!!!

1. First off, I love that you steal my ideas! (but make them better since I would have kept it private. The blog is much cooler!)

2. I love that you make everything I do and think better! as noted above, so you make me better!

3. I love how you make everything I do worth while. There's nobody better to enjoy life with, even all the work!

4. I love all your facial expressions! Especially, the many that make me laugh! (I'm even smiling as I Rolodex a few in my mind)

5. I love that it's not your birthday so I only need to list 5 things for our anniversary:)

6. I love your pity laughs for my dumb jokes!

7. I love that you'll be an excellent mother! (and your strength and patience as you wait for the privilege)

8. I love that you have so many different tastes and preferences than me! (even though they're wrong, especially baby names!)

9. I love your witty sense of humor! (I'm not the only person you make laugh)

10. I love how much you make me laugh! (I'm not always laughing at you, just when you're a stinker!)

11. I love your confidence and courage!

12. I love to hear you sing! You're so good. Some songs show off how truly extraordinary your talent is! (To the point that I'm mad at you like Gail!)

13. I love that you love working with high school kids in their plays.

14. I love how excited and happy you are when you get home from a rehearsal.

15. I love watching you teach in primary! And watching you gloat about later to your mother ;)

16. I love that you love hugs since I love your hugs so much, I get more!

17. I love how beautiful you are, no matter what you're wearing!

18. I love your willingness and effort to make my priorities yours!

19. I love how well you know and understand me, and still love and appreciate me.

20. I love that you keep me in check when I get imbalanced.

21. I love you method for getting rid of your gas! (this is one that I'd like to post a picture of, be thankful)

22. I love your cooking!

23. I love how you support and back me up.

24. I love how talented your are in writing! (and I look forward to the novel you're going to write!)

25. I love when you share your crazy dreams with me!

26. I love your passion for reading! (Even though you read the same books so often.)

27. I love that you're competitive.

28. I love looking into your eyes and knowing what your thinking.

29. I love that you love me even though I love you more than you love me;)

30. I love that five years is only the beginning!

Love, Ben