Friday, January 23, 2009

ONE of the beautiful sisters... and a way cute niece!

Melissa and I took a picture together at Christmas time at the Capital building. All I have to say is, Isn't my sister beautiful? Someday she'll have the cutest kids... until mine are born! :)

Happy Birthday to our favorite Utah niece Ells a Bells, Belle, Ella Bella or anglefish. Any of the aformentioned names do just fine. We love you B and we'll see you next week!!

New Web Story

There was a shooting up by Kearns High School and me and my fellow reporter/friend Heidi went up and shot it for the news.
Here is the link... I'm the top story!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to the Grind

Well, Yesterday was the last first day of my last semester a Brigham Young University. This semester brings with it mixed feelings of excitement and loss but overall dread. I am taking some challenging classes my last semester here.

I am taking a Stats class, which if you know me is going to be the bane of my existence. I thought this about my biology class last semester, which I will proudly state that I got an A in, but Math is different. I am trying to keep an open mind and tell myself that I just put a wall up that prevents me from succeeding. Ben of course thinks I'm crazy, but what else is new? Advanced reporting will also be a challenge and much of the class had a collective sigh when we realized we had a story due next week. Back to the grind.

I am looking forward to my performance class and the opportunity that brings to improve myself. I have two classes yet to take, one tonight that I am trying to get into, and another from a teacher that I like quite a lot. I am back at Red Robin this semester, on the weekends again too, so less time with Ben, but not at the same time. I am also assistant teaching for Professor Carter this semester, our resident Lawyer in the Department.

Miley is improving in her potty training, something Ben and I continue to be grateful and pray for. It is interesting how she is showing us glimpses into our future parenting skills. It's not wholly unexpected. Mommy is the disciplinarian, but when Daddy comes home, it's all fun and play and giving treats. Like I said, not unexpected.

So... wish me luck in my new and last semester, with work and marriage and dog-parenting. If that's what you call it.