Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's almost over! Yay?

Let's get one thing clear: I'm glad and grateful that I'm pregnant.

Let's get another thing clear: being pregnant is hard.

I'm reaching the end of my pregnancy and as terrified as I am of actually having a baby, I'm getting quite anxious to to get this baby out of me. Coincidence? I think not.

Child birth is a scary thing for me. I've always been scared of it (thank you BYU Human Development class video). I don't need to tell anyone that knows me that I have quite the imagination. And I've thought about all the things that can go wrong. Yes I know it's unhealthy, but I do.

I think of Ben's childhood friend Gabe and his wife and how she almost died because of some disease they knew nothing about. I think of my sister's friend who's heart beat stopped as she was sitting talking to her husband in the hospital. And all the improbable things that could happen.

Then there is all the things that could be wrong with the baby. My whole pregnancy I've been obsessed with her movements and stats. I won't go into all the horrific things I've thought about, but needless to say, I want her here so I can count all the fingers and toes.

I think that you get so uncomfortable these last few weeks so that you practically scream, "get out of me!" and are willing to undergo the potential pain/terror/joy that the call child birth.

I'm am most excited to see her, hold her, smell her, and figure out her name! But here are a few other things that I'm excited about NOT being pregnant any more:

1. Heartburn. Yeah that sucks! It's constant and you get mild relief. Ben is actually grateful that ice had this experience cause he's always had bad heartburn in our marriage, and he never thought I could sympathize. Now I can.

2. The belly. I actually love my belly. I love knowing my baby is in there, and that I can eat and not worry about having a belly. But I am looking forward to not having to hold it when I roll over, or get out of bed. The pain it causes because it stretches the sides and feels like its bruised. Kicking my ribs like they're a zilaphone or pushing on my bladder...

3. Sickness. I've had nausea my whole pregnancy. Second trimester more that others, but I can't wait to enjoy food again.

4. Not having to eat 24/7. It's rather annoying. :)

5. Sleeping on my stomach. Ahhh.... That would be wonderful.

6. Most of all, I'm looking forward to getting her here, safe and sound.

2 weeks left.... Yikes!