Friday, October 24, 2008

He Loves Me!

These are a picture of flowers that Ben got for me. No, they aren't real, and no, that's not my home. They are virtual flowers. When I got home from a long day at school and work, I checked my email and found these. Although some might think this is cheap, I actually liked it. What are flowers anyways? A reason to say, "Hey! I was thinking about you." They are way cheaper than real flowers, an expense right now no one really needs. But still, all I ever want to know is that my husband is thinking about me. It was very sweet, and I am very lucky.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stop it Already!

Look at that face! Look at it! It is so not fair to have a child THAT cute. It's faces like that that wear me down and go... maybe it's time. The decision to have children is one that I have contemplated a lot lately. Everyone has a different opinion, wait you have forever, or don't wait... they're great! Whatever your opinion you can't deny that I am constantly surrounded by cute kids. Whether it's my own family here in Utah or back in Oregon or Veronica or Chelsea or Andrew's kids... they are so darn cute that it's getting hard to rationalize with myself. So my message to all you people out there. Stop it! Stop having such cute kids because I think that I might go crazy if you keep having them! For my own sanity... please!

Love Addiction

So I found a phone that I love, and then it was stolen. We all know the details. Finally Ben and I caved and got a new phone. No, I didn't find it, and no it wasn't returned. But I am back in the information age again. It is nice to be able to text Ben while he is at work, just to say hi or something like that.
On a lighter note, we are so excited to go up North to LeAnne and Jay's for Halloween. Ben and I have our costumes all picked out and it's going to be so much fun to be with the kids! It is so nice that when we don't have kids of our own, to use LeAnne and Jason's as a substitute and then give them back. We are supposed to watch the kids the rest of the weekend while Jason and LeAnne get a well deserved weekend break before the holidays hit. The one little glitch is that I work for 10 hours on Saturdays and so that leaves Ben alone with all four kids. Is he worried? No. He thinks that it is going to be a piece of cake. Well, we'll see about that. :) I think if Ben could get pregnant and have the baby himself, we'd have five already. It'll be an interesting weekend.
Today I am looking forward to 4:30. Why you ask? I am getting a massage. I have some left over from my Birthday present from Ben and I've been in a lot of pain lately. So today I finally found some time and I'll get to relax a little.
That's what we are up to this week so far. We'll update with any interesting info. Don't hold your breath.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm just a Broadway Baby....

Anyone who knows me (Megan) knows that I'm obsessed with Broadway. Going there, being there and everything to do with it. It's always been a big part of who I am. Even in High School, in the morning my Mother could hear various songs floating up from my room. Well, graduation is looming, and in April I'll finally be done! I'm so excited! As a 3 year anniversary and graduation present, Ben and I are going to go to NYC. With the economy crap going on, it's not going to be as easy as I assumed, but we're still going. If anyone hears of any good deals, please let us know. Although Ben isn't a fan of musical theatre, he's learning to appreciate it, and is excited to go as well. After all, we're just a bunch of Broadway babies...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rockin' Robin....

Since life continues to get worse in the economy and Red Robin continues to bring in instant cash... I'm still there. After a brief visit of the hospital at the beginning of the month (i'll blog about that more later) I returned to Red Robin with my brand new cell phone, favorite color. I normally don't bring anything into the restaurant, but because it was a new phone, I needed to enter in phone number of co-workers that were texting me. It's very annoying when people are texting you and you have no idea who you're talking to. Especially when they are asking you Disney trivia.
My phone died while I was entering numbers in and I placed it into the managers office, so it would be safe. Well, wonder of wonders, at the end of my shift, my phone was gone. I have looked for it and pleaded for it to be returned, but the thief persists. So for the last two weeks, I have had no cell phone. It's amazing how you depend on something so much, and with out it, you feel quite out of the loop. But also, I realized that I don't really need one. Yes, it is nice to be albe to talk to Ben any time I want, but is it a necessity? No. It's just nice. Alas, I've signed a 2 year agreement, so I will eventually have to swallow my anger and buy a new phone. A message for the preson who stole my phone... I hate you.
Anyway, Red Robin continues to bring in some cash, though we're slow right now, and I have more friends like Brittany, Lindsay and Justin returning, so it's becoming more bearable. Just as long as I get out of there before I die....

Break on through....

As many of you know I was at ABC4 this summer in Salt Lake city, interning for school. Well...apparently they liked me and I was offered a position to come in and work with them on Saturdays. It's great because it works with my school schedule, a minimal time commitment with a great effect on my resume. One of the pictures is of the editing deck that we use to navigate the show, the picture of me is during the end of my internship. Watch the Saturday evening news at 5:30, 6, 9:30 and 10, to see writing from yours truly.

Macho Man

Before AND After

Just in case you haven't been around... Ben and I bought a Condo! We bought it just south of BYU campus, we figure it's a good envestment opportunity since housing around BYU is always needed. Especially for Married Students. Another bonus was that we now live very close to some of our best friends. When we first moved in, we hadn't unpacked all of the boxes and Ben started pulling cabinet doors off and sanding them down. Over the next month, Ben would go to work in the morning and when he came home he'd immediatly go down to the storage unit and start sanding. With the help of some good friends, Ben refinished all of the cabinents, replaced the counter top and made our kitchen look fantastic! Like I said, he started ripping things off the wall almost right away, so I got a mid shot...not a before shot. But just imagine awful oak cabinents and nasty countertops like in every single student housing. We're redoing the bathrooms next, and then have the same things in them, so I'll post some pictures of those so you can get a better idea. Isn't Ben just incredible? I was amazed.