Monday, October 6, 2008

Rockin' Robin....

Since life continues to get worse in the economy and Red Robin continues to bring in instant cash... I'm still there. After a brief visit of the hospital at the beginning of the month (i'll blog about that more later) I returned to Red Robin with my brand new cell phone, favorite color. I normally don't bring anything into the restaurant, but because it was a new phone, I needed to enter in phone number of co-workers that were texting me. It's very annoying when people are texting you and you have no idea who you're talking to. Especially when they are asking you Disney trivia.
My phone died while I was entering numbers in and I placed it into the managers office, so it would be safe. Well, wonder of wonders, at the end of my shift, my phone was gone. I have looked for it and pleaded for it to be returned, but the thief persists. So for the last two weeks, I have had no cell phone. It's amazing how you depend on something so much, and with out it, you feel quite out of the loop. But also, I realized that I don't really need one. Yes, it is nice to be albe to talk to Ben any time I want, but is it a necessity? No. It's just nice. Alas, I've signed a 2 year agreement, so I will eventually have to swallow my anger and buy a new phone. A message for the preson who stole my phone... I hate you.
Anyway, Red Robin continues to bring in some cash, though we're slow right now, and I have more friends like Brittany, Lindsay and Justin returning, so it's becoming more bearable. Just as long as I get out of there before I die....

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