Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stop it Already!

Look at that face! Look at it! It is so not fair to have a child THAT cute. It's faces like that that wear me down and go... maybe it's time. The decision to have children is one that I have contemplated a lot lately. Everyone has a different opinion, wait you have forever, or don't wait... they're great! Whatever your opinion you can't deny that I am constantly surrounded by cute kids. Whether it's my own family here in Utah or back in Oregon or Veronica or Chelsea or Andrew's kids... they are so darn cute that it's getting hard to rationalize with myself. So my message to all you people out there. Stop it! Stop having such cute kids because I think that I might go crazy if you keep having them! For my own sanity... please!


Asplund Family said...

She is pretty adorable! Wait till you see her pictures we just had taken. She does pretty much get cuter everyday!

Katie said...

I found you Megan! We're blog buddies now !:)

Juliana said...

Babies are soooo much fun! Both sides of the story are true! You'll know when you are ready! :) I didn't even know you had a blog until I checked Jeni's today and saw her favorite blog list! How fun! I like it! :)