Monday, October 6, 2008

Macho Man

Before AND After

Just in case you haven't been around... Ben and I bought a Condo! We bought it just south of BYU campus, we figure it's a good envestment opportunity since housing around BYU is always needed. Especially for Married Students. Another bonus was that we now live very close to some of our best friends. When we first moved in, we hadn't unpacked all of the boxes and Ben started pulling cabinet doors off and sanding them down. Over the next month, Ben would go to work in the morning and when he came home he'd immediatly go down to the storage unit and start sanding. With the help of some good friends, Ben refinished all of the cabinents, replaced the counter top and made our kitchen look fantastic! Like I said, he started ripping things off the wall almost right away, so I got a mid shot...not a before shot. But just imagine awful oak cabinents and nasty countertops like in every single student housing. We're redoing the bathrooms next, and then have the same things in them, so I'll post some pictures of those so you can get a better idea. Isn't Ben just incredible? I was amazed.

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michael and linds said...

It looks AWESOME! Beautiful! Nice work, Ben!