Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I've been doing with my spare time....


I'm making roses out of crepe paper that will go onto a ball and hung at Melissa's Baby Shower. Yes it takes FOREVER. And yes, I burn my fingers constantly. But she is going to have the best freaking baby shower ever.

It is supposed to end up looking like this...

We'll see... Hehe. It's the thought that counts right?

Her little girl is going to be so precious and I just can't wait. :)

Oh yeah. This is also what has been occupying my time...

Hanging out with the cutest little girl in the world. I love this kid. Seriously. LeAnne called when I had her and asked if she needed to come pick her up and I asked her if she was sure that this was her child and not mine. I think there was a mixup. We ate popcorn and watched Anastasia. Did I mention that we sang along with it. She quotes the movie and everything. Love love love.

I found her in bed with these when I was making popcorn. She had found some chocolate in our room. And just helped herself. Thieving little hands. Love her.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My excuse

So, this is my lame excuse for NOT blogging lately.

1. I work. All day. Then I get home and have to try and talk my husband out of having me make him dinner.

2. That doesn't work, so I have to figure out what to make.

3. I'm busy trying to plan the most amazing baby shower the world has seen for my sister. Any idea? I'm a little bit of an over achiever, and highly competitive, so... keep that in mind.

4. I'm trying to buy a house. With my husband. Which is... tiring.

5. I don't have any pictures. And I hate blogging with out pictures. (and yes I know that I'm being highly hypocritical right now cause this post has no picture)

6. I'll blog when I get something interesting to blog about.

So to sum up. No baby news. No house news. Nothing. Nada. Sorry.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hum. Odd.

You may ask, what is the difference between these two photos. Well one was taken by my friend Sian in 2004, the other was taken by Ben in 2007. Oddly, they both are at a 'special event' at Disneyworld. I say oddly because, having worked there and been there on vacation, it wasn't always a special event. But for some reason, this photo was taken at a special event.

Also, I happen to be wearing a headband in both photos. I don't wear headbands often. Odd.

My hands are in almost the exact same position. Odd.

My head and body are turned different though. Also my hair is longer in the first one.

I don't know. I thought that was odd. They also are very similar in my facial expression. I guess I just don't think you should smile in this particular pose.

Like I said. Odd.

That is my random rant for today.

My husband

Sometimes I have conversations with Ben and I think,

"You are the only man in the world who would've married me"

You may think that is and odd thing to thing. But sometimes, I am so overcome with gratefulness for the man I married and that I can be completely my crazy and odd self with him. And he loves me the more for it.

Our 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up next month and I can hardly believe that it has been five years. That's longer than high school, almost as long as college! ;) But definately my longest relationship. I couldn't say that for a while. Even after we got married cause... well I had boyfriends for a long time.... That's another story. Or stories. Haha.

Anywho, love you babe!