Thursday, July 16, 2009

I got nothing

So, just in case people think that I've fallen off the blog world, I haven't. Nothing is going on right now, nothing to report. So nothing to blog.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Listen up

Ok, because of the tracker on my blog, I can pretty much figure out who has been looking at it. HOWEVER... I would like people to make a comment so that I know for sure, and what they are thinking! Pleeease! Drives me crazy...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New York New York... A Wonderful Town!

New York was AMAZING! To be frank, that doesn't even begin to describe it. We loved it so much and were sad to leave to go back to normal life. We saw 6 plays, seven if you count that we saw Wicked twice. We went to the Statue of Liberty, got lost on Staten Island, marveled at Times Square, ate at Little Italy, and tried to get out of China town as fast as we could (the smell... yuck).

Here are some of our pictures. Hope you enjoy them!

The night we flew in: about 4 blocks away from our hotel was Times Square. You just don't know how cool it is until you are standing in the middle of it!
Me with all the Broadway shows behind me! Waa hoo... can't wait to see some!
Where they drop the ball at New Years. Can you see it?
More Times Square
So much to look at!
Day time
Our first venture onto the subway! 42nd street (aka Times Square and Broadway)
Our first pasta in Little Italy! Sooo good! The best that we had!
The fish market in China town. Yuck! Some of them were still moving cause they were still alive! Smelled awful!
My first purse that I bought~ Coach!!
A light fixture inside Mary Poppins' theater. That show, by far, was the coolest theater! So ornate and beautiful!
The exit sign in Poppins theater (New Amersterdam Theater)
The stage before the play... our first Broadway play! So excited!
An awesome number!
The Theater!
So happy!
Can you read the sign? No? It says: CHURCH and underneath Bar~Diner~Cafe. Something wrong with that to anyone else?
Avenue Q. Interesting play. Naughty play. Very Naughty puppets.
Times Square view from Lion King theater before the show.
Ben with the original costume for Scar!
That's a giant Mufasa head. One very similar appears on stage.
At night. Our first picture together! Ben doesn't really like to take the pictures where I'm holding the camera trying to get a shot of us two, but he didn't trust anyone with the camera either...
Finally, he DID trust someone!
Me with RAFIKI!
Outside Lion King
I LOVE this picture! If you can't figure it out... well just look harder.
The Statue of Liberty. Seems small when dwarfed by the tall buildings of Manhattan.
On the ferry going to Staten Island
New York in the Background
The day we went downtown to World Trade Center, it rained and we had to buy an umbrella and ate at the pizza joint behind us.
There are churches like this mixed in with all the modern buildings. It's very cool and Ben loved it!
Rockefeller Center
Radio City
This amazing bakery that we got cookies and cupcakes from. We went back 3 more times!
"Turn and Pull" - Bolt (If you don't get it, you need to watch more Disney movies)
I wanted to take a picture of him infront of the sign, but he got on the escalator. Can you see how proud of himself he is while he is escaping? (AT WICKED THEATER)
Emerald City!
The set. Such an amazing show!
No! I refuse!
Bomb square by our hotel. As my Mom put it "your in terrorists territory now"
This hole in the wall place that you could NOT find unless you knew it was there. Ate there on a recommendation that it had the best burgers ever. We'd had better! :)
Our favorite bakery, trip #2!
Little Italy food, second time.
I LOVE pasta, hence, I LOVE Little Italy
So did Ben!

We saw Angela Lansbury (who one a Tony for her role in this) Rupert Everett (My best friends Wedding) and Jayne Atkinson (24 lady) in this straight play. They usually aren't my favorite, I love music and dancing, but this was funny and had FAMOUS people in it!

Naked Cowboy!!!
Oh my!
My favorite pizza place! So good!
Saw all those famous people in the play Waiting for Godot. Not my favorite play, but it was cool to see Nathan Lane and John Goodman.

We ate at this pasta place in times square Camines, so good, but the portions were HUGE! One order of past could feed four, easily. Five, if one of those people were my sister Melissa.
We loved it!
Fireworks: pictures suck when you try to get a picture of them. So I stopped trying.
The people went on for miles and blocks.
Empire State building (red white and blue for the 4th)
WICKED for the 2nd time! I have the best husband! He even insisted that I buy something. he was going to buy me a Mary poppins umbrella with the parrott on the end, but since we had the unexpected rain, we had already bought one. So I got a WICKED sweatshirt!
The Empire State building. I thought it was alright, but Ben LOVED it. He loves looking at all the buildings and stuff!
Us together.
Times Square
The TKTS booth where we bought all of our tickets (almost all) at 50 % off!
Natural History. Pretty cool.
Well that was mostly our trip! It was, of course, so much more, but you can't take pictures of everything! Most of all, it was a dream come true for me and I am so thankful for my wonderful hubby for taking me there and letting me see 4 musicals and WICKED TWICE!!