Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Surprise of 2012

Life is full of unexpected changes.

I have been dreading writing this post for a week, not sure how much I was wanting to share. But I figure only our friends and family read this, so... here goes.

Last Wednesday Ben and I received some bad news. Due to details that I am not going to go into, Ben lost his job. It obviously came as a shock to the both of us, and the timing could not be worse. Baby girl is due Feb 20-ish and our insurance is now canceled at the end of January. Like I said, great timing.

There isn't a whole lot more to say other than Ben and I are doing fine. Sometimes it is hard to wrap our minds around how quickly our life is changing, and not only due to the fact that we are about to have a baby.

On the flip side, we still feel incredibly blessed. We feel that this is a blessing in disguise and will eventually work out to our benefit. We live amongst a wonderful support system of family and friends and know that no matter what happens, we will be taken care of. And above all else, we have each other, and our baby is healthy. I keep thinking that things could be worse, and then silently beg the Lord not to prove me right. :)

For those of you who are already aware of our situation, we are thankful for the support and love that you have already given us. We are truly blessed by the love of our friends, family and the Lord.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Fun Photos

So Ben and I are selling our coffee and side tables (cause I bought new ones) and I had to download them from Ben's phone. Apparently he hadn't downloaded his photos in a while and there were some that I thought I would share. :) These are from this last year.

This dog often thinks that she is our baby... So we thought we'd see if it would work out.

We were pretty sure Miley would get run over trying to jog next to the bike, so we strapped her in.

The first thing we bought when we found out we were pregnant. :) We saw a little girl in Costco curled up with it just like this and said, YUP, we're buying it. Ironically we are having a little girl!

Got our dogs drunk on pizza, ranch and Dt. Pepsi...

I keep feeling sorry for them about how their life is going to change. Someone else will be curled up with their Daddy... so sad.
Just some fun photos. Eventually I'll post the photos of the house and what it looked like when we bought it andwhat it ended up being. The outside and the inside have totally changed. I love it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's occupying my mind of late...

4 things: baby, baby, baby and oh yeah, did I mention THE BABY! That's pretty much what has been occupying every waking thought, and even the dreams. I read something on my baby app that perfectly describes what I'm feeling right now. Let me share it with you...

" third-trimester insomnia strikes more than 75% of expectant moms. Very tired expectant moms. The hormonal changes, the midnight treks to the bathroom, the leg cramps, the heartburn that won't quit, the fact that you can't get comfortable when you're in bed with a watermelon where you're tummy used to be, and the anxiety you're likely feeling about the impending birth of your baby (and the fact that you haven't decided on a name for your baby) all contribute to your inability to catch some z's"

Yup. Spot on.

Let's dissect a little.

1. Hormonal changes: I've actually been pretty good. Or at least Ben says so... And he would tell me. But I cried every time I watched the ending of White Christmas this year. Every time. Ugh.

2. Bathroom trips. I'd actually be okay going to the bathroom multiple times a night if I actually had to pee. But the fact that it's not very much and I feel like I'm going to burst.. Really ticks me off at 3, and 4 and 5 in the morning.

3. Leg cramps: more like butt cramps. I have a bad sciatic and it feeds this one nerve in my butt cheek. If I turn to lay on the right side, it gets mad. I have Ben try and rub it out for me. Trust me, our husband rubbing your butt, not as sexy as youd think it to be.

4. Heartburn. Ben has always had bad heartburn and takes prescription mess for it. I never truly appreciated it. Now I do. Poor Ben. I love him.

5. Getting comfortable in bed: if you're a stomach sleeping like I am, switch now to your side. It'll save you A LOT of issues when your pregnant and can't sleep on your belly. Can't wait for that to be a possibility again. The extra weight on my hips makes them hurt but I basically have no other option. Oddly, snuggling with Ben helps me sleep. Again, I love him.

6. Anxiety about the birth. Yup. I'm nervous. I watched Melissa do it, no problem. But still... I worry about the epidural needle, the pain, the tearing, something being wrong with the baby and Ben being gone. He is traveling early Feb to Utah... Makes me nervous.

7. The baby name: We're having trouble. Here are a few we are thinking of: Ainsley, Aria, Harper, Avery, Fiona, Isabella. Feel free to Wei in, just heed the last blog post: be tactful if you don't like a name. Or better yet, just tell me the ones that you like.

So yeah, that's what I've been thinking about. But on a more positive note, I'm very excited. I'm excited to hold her, to see who she looks like, see Ben with her, watch her grow, smile, crawl, laugh, talk... All those things. I love her so much already and I'm so excited to see that Compound and grow even more. I'm excited to have her grow up with her cousins Kalli and Lily and LeAnne's little boy who is coming soon after. I'm excited to see how motherhood changes me, and Ben. I'm excited for the most challenging and rewarding adventure that we've ever had! See, getting emotional. Dang hormones. :)

Basically, I'm scared silly but excited. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?