Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Fun Photos

So Ben and I are selling our coffee and side tables (cause I bought new ones) and I had to download them from Ben's phone. Apparently he hadn't downloaded his photos in a while and there were some that I thought I would share. :) These are from this last year.

This dog often thinks that she is our baby... So we thought we'd see if it would work out.

We were pretty sure Miley would get run over trying to jog next to the bike, so we strapped her in.

The first thing we bought when we found out we were pregnant. :) We saw a little girl in Costco curled up with it just like this and said, YUP, we're buying it. Ironically we are having a little girl!

Got our dogs drunk on pizza, ranch and Dt. Pepsi...

I keep feeling sorry for them about how their life is going to change. Someone else will be curled up with their Daddy... so sad.
Just some fun photos. Eventually I'll post the photos of the house and what it looked like when we bought it andwhat it ended up being. The outside and the inside have totally changed. I love it!


Unknown said...

really nice and loving pics

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