Thursday, April 14, 2011

Date Night

I have the most wonderful husband. That goes with out saying. Not only does he love me, but he encourages me to embrace the things that I love.

So when I asked him if we could go see Billy Elliott which was coming to Portland, he said 'Of Course'. But to add to that, he said, "But only if we get good seats,"

See!! We are perfect for each other!!

Billy Elliot happened the Thursday before the baby shower. I was stressed, sick and Ben had been sick since Monday. So we piled into the car halfheartedly and off to Portland we went. We stopped by P.F. Changs for some dinner, but the wait was too long. So we ordered it to go.

We sat in the parking lot, in the back seat of our car, sharing Mongolian Beef and Lettuce Wraps.We sat laughing at each other and suddenly we both were feeling a little better. We got to the theater, went to the bathroom and had three minutes to spare.

The show was so fun. Great Dancing and touching. There is a lot of swearing in it, since it's an Irish Mining Town. But there were times where I laughed, I cried, and my mouth dropped open in shock. So overall a good experience.

Ben wasn't in the mood to take any pictures, but I insisted on documenting something.

I sure did miss my friend Kristi Hill at this moment cause she's willing to take crazy photos with me! This was taken at Legally Blonde The Musical in SLC


Andrew and Kristi said...

This made me so so soooo happy!

smith said...

Sounds like a fun show. I get to gosee Joshua Bell in concert right here in Great Falls