Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Mexican Independence Day!
(Now you're free to move to America!)
I'm only kidding... geeze...
We had a little get together on May 5th where we had enchiladas, 6 layer dip, and my favorite, Margaritas. We made a ton of food, but quickly realized that most of the people that we were going to call moved out of the ward at the end of the semester. Lame! We especially missed the Thoits, who we know, would never have missed a party like this. Although... we think they probably had a little more festive celebration in Puerto Rico. What to you think?

Jason and his newest treasure

Picking the skin off of Ben's peeling back. Yuck.
New Mom Sarah Wilcox enjoying her Margarita! Maybe a little too much... :)
Jessie Gibbs and Jonah joined us. Jonah was giggling and laughing so hard that he headbutted the ground.
Tania and her "Mexican" shirt. Oh yeah, Derek too. :)
Ben and his little baby.

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