Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, I was so surprised by the New York thing, that I blogged about it, obviously, and sent a text to my Mom saying, "read my blog, read my blog" .

She calls me about an hour later, and says she can't look at the blog, she's at work. What's going on? I whined, and said "But Moooommmm!!"

She point blank said, "Well, either your pregnant or you got a job. Which is it.?" After I stopped laughing, I told her the dissapointing news. No grandchild on the way, just going to New York.

Needless to say, she was a little underwhelmed. Nothing like thinking your getting a baby from your baby and then having your hope crushed to make your day.

Made me laugh, hopefully it will make you laugh too.

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Derek and Tania said...

So many times we think that as a practical joke we should buy a onesie and give it as a gift to our moms. But it would probably only be funny to us and then we would likely be disowned... actually, not a bad way to go...