Thursday, May 28, 2009

4th of July

So I am a little crazy and thought that I would look around for dresses for my little niece Ella to wear on the 4th of July. Trust me, its a big deal! Since I won't be there, she has to represent.
Here are some options that I've found that I really like.

This is my favorite Dress. You could put a little shirt under it if it is warm and a little white sweater if it gets cold. You never know what the weather may be like in Oregon. It could be both in fact.
The next option is fire works dress. Same basic principle applies, sweater or shirt acceptable.

I just love this little warm up outfit. Regardless if this is the dress for the 4th, it should be worn at some point over the holiday. SO CUTE!

This is just adorable. Sailors have to do with the 4th right? Kind of. So cute!!

Yes, I am crazy. Point taken.


Asplund Family said...

You are HILARIOUS!!! I do think the first one is really cute. Where did you find those?

Pierce and Stacy said...

Oh my goodness! My daughter would have to change every couple of hours so I could put her in ALL of those cute dresses. I'm jealous they aren't in my size.... SO CUTE!!!

Jeremy and Genevieve said...

oh fun to have found your blog! you look so great megan! i love all of those cute dresses too. where did you find them? (and my blog is private but if you email me at i would love to send you an invite...)

Tanisha said...

i like the sailor dress. call me crazy...