Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pearl Harbor (Hawaii Pt. 3)

Pearl Harbor: The Arizona Memorial
By day Three Ben and I decided that we are different vacation type people. We enjoy relaxing at night to a movie or a hot tub, but during the day... we like to be busy! We want to be adventurous and explore things that we don't get to at home. So on Wednesday we took off to Pearl Harbor. Being a former History major, and my father's daughter, I already knew a lot about Pearl Harbor. But we wanted to see it first hand. It was amazing and sad all together. Let's just say Ben Affleck left some things wanting...

The Arizona Memorial was so amazing. It's technically a National Park, so it's free too. Ben commented that the other "attraction" for lack of a better word, was a tour or a battle ship where kids could turn knobs and that sort of thing, was not what we wanted to see and the Arizona was, so why was it free. I said that I didn't think people probably didn't feel right charging you to see what is basically a gravesite. Kind of wrong ya know?The Oringinal anchor from the Arizona. Ben wanted it to be all rusty and rotting, but they painted it to look pretty. Sorry Ben.

All the names of the people who died and many who are still inside the ship to this day. So sad.

Some of the ship under the water. There was still oil coming up from it into the water.
The memorial in the background. They build a white building, staddleing the sunken ship.
The marker of the sunken ship

The Sky-view of Pearl Harbor

Infront of a torpedo. I felt weird smiling... Yeah, a weapon of mass destruction! I found one!

Infront of a battle ship and the markers all represent the ships that were docked at Pearl Harbor and the names of the people who died.

The name of a ship that sank. We were feeling sentimental...

A Closer Look at the Torpedo

Ben's Lesson Learned from this picture: Hot day+ Sun+ Metal+Black= burning hand while taking picture!
That night we enjoyed a walk on our beach and enjoyed the warm evening. So nice...

More to come... off to work. Bleh.

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Vickie Blanchard said...

So when you wrote on Facebook that you got sunburned, I was not feeling sorry for you---you were in Hawaii after all! Seeing these pics did not make me any more sympathetic (even though it stinks to have a sunburn). It looks like you guys had an awesome time and it's so beautiful---I'm jealous! And happy belated b-day to Ben. I know how you feel about the getting old thing!

Can't wait to see more and hear about the puppy!