Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Beginning (Hawaii Pt. 1)

I don't like to fly. I'm confined into a little chair, that does not really recline, despite the button that I furiously push, and there is no leg room if you are over 5'5". However, I HATE to drive. So my options are 1.) Don't travel or 2.) Suck it up. Also, I cannot drive to Hawaii, so option two is the given. Our flight to Hawaii was VERY long, and early (Thank you Tania and Derek for the ride). We took off from cold, sometimes snowing Utah and headed for two hours to LA. I think, we're halfway there right? No. 5 hours later... we're in Hawaii. The thing that kind of sucked about the flight was that United does not give you food for free. No inflight meal, no PEANUTS! I mean, what is that about. So we starved ourselves to Hawaii.

Once we got there, we met up with Mel and Kirk, picked up our rental car and headed for Taco Bell. Yes, not what I imagined my first meal in Hawaii to be. The odd thing about Hawaii is, that you feel like you are in another country, yet you are not. You are in the US. This becomes more evident as we see Safeway, McDonalds, KFC, A&W and Chili's. It's kind of weird.

Our hotel was amazing. You know, you think that hotels look like the picture that they post online, which they never do. It's kind of like food pictures at McDonalds. It never really looks that good. Not true here. Our villa was two bedrooms, a living room that opened up onto a balcony, two bathrooms with tubs that were deeper than you can imagine and a kitchen. I couldn't believe it. The first day we set our bag in our room and headed out for a walk on our beach. It was amazing.

The Dining RoomThe Kitchen

We got in the pool and just swam in our relaxation. It was wonderful. That night, we picked up Mel and Kirks friends, Rachel and Jared who would stay with us for a few days, and that night, enjoyed the hot tub that had little sand pebbles at the bottom it was amazing.

Picture Removed. Sorry.
On our balcony, ready to go exploring!

The next day ,we decided to go across to Hanama Bay, a reef that you snorkle at. Ben and I were very excited for that. However, the bay was closed one day a week. On Tuesday. The day that we were there. Suck! So... we went over to this other little beach and thought to explore and layout for the tan that we all wanted.

Here are some pictures.

Mel and Kirk doing what they do best: Laying out in the sun!

Ben on the beach

Us in the water (we found a little stone statue in the water)
Picture Removed.
Next... Ben celebrates his 27th birthday in Hawaii!

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