Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Baby... SADIE!

Our New Baby: SADIE!!Yes, her name is different. We went with Maybe at first. If you have ever seen Arrested Development, you understand. But we soon figured out that we called her Mayley all the time because it was just too similar to Miley.
Ben came up with Sadie in Hawaii, but when we came home our good friends Tania and Derek said that that was funny coinscience, because they always said if they ever have a girl, they'd name her Sadie. So we tried to come up with a different name, hence Maybe, but it just didn't work. With their permission, and the realization that Sadie will probably be passed-on by the time they have kids, we named her Sadie.
She is a tiny Yorkie, and we love her. She is so spunky and gives our Miley a run for her money all the time. She is quickly become the favorite of many (Jeremy) but we will always love our first born Miley! Especially since Miley is trained and obeys. We are still working on that with Sadie.
We were anxious about the two dog relationship. This is how it has been playing out.
This is how it all began. Sadie chasing Miley...

Now it is a different story...

Miley has now realized that she can dominate! I have the greatest videos and pictures of them on my phone and I will try and figure out how to upload those. They are great! We can't wait until everyone can meet our new baby!

We are crate training Sadie right now, we just don't want to go though the pain that we did with Miley. It's rough going right now, but we're working on it. Sorry if you can every hear her yelping, she has the most pathetic scream ever. We are very fortunate to have Rachel and Jeremy (who love to walk the dogs) and Tania and Derek help us out when we are not home taking her out and playing with them. We are so glad that you love our dogs as much as we do. I think sometimes a little more!

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Vickie Blanchard said...

Those videos are hilarious! Sadie is pretty cute!