Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Polynesian Cultural Center PCC (Hawaii Pt. 6)

The Polynesian Cultural Center or PCC as they call it, is owned by the the LDS church and is a Hawaii must-do. It is kind of expensive, but totally worth it! We got a guided tour, which we totally recommend because you arrive at each "island" at the right time for each show. Some shows were educational, some funny, and many were both. We enjoyed our time there, had just enough time to eat at our Luau, ride a trolley over to the BYU-Hawaii campus, and the Temple before our big Luau show. It was so great! It was a VERY long day, especially dealing with the aftermath of some painful sun burns! Ben's leg was still swollen. But we loved every minute and even were blessed with a missionary experiance at the temple. The topic came up when a couple was marvoling at the beauty of the temple, and said "Have you ever been in one?" and I responded, "Yes, I was married in one". It was so amazing. Clearing up a few things (Yes, Mormons were Christians, yes we believe in Christ, Yes THAT Christ, Yes we believe in the Bible) It was so amazing and made me wish that I too had gone on a mission. But I guess I'll just have to wait and go with my sweetheart someday. The PCC is great because it offers so much information and appreciation to guests and visitors, but also helps BYU students out with jobs, and with their tuition. I'm glad I paid all that money for a reason...

Big guy wearing a big diaper at the Luau!

Trying to show how Happy we are at the show, but so tired at the same time.

The Beautiful Hawaii temple. Why didn't I say that we were getting married HERE?

The LAIE (Lah-E-A) Temple at Sunset

So beautiful
BYU-Hawaii. Why did I want to go to PROVO so badly? Mom?

The Pid roasting. It reminded me of Miley. I think I just missed her, but we do pick her up by her legs like that too...

Just got laid...ready for my DINNER!
Parade of Floats
Ben's Favorite Island... TAHITI. He loves the dancing... wonder why...

We were taught how to weave baskets with leaves and make what this is supposed to be, a fish. Mine ripped, I guess I'm a little too aggressive for weaving, and Ben's looked nothing like it should. 5 year olds were doing this. I'm glad I was born where and when I was!

Beautiful landscaping like this was all over.

This guy (nice looking no?) climbed the coconut tree and said he was going to jump to the next one. He yelled "Are you ready?" about three times and then said, "Are you... crazy?" He shimmied down and posed for us.

This guy was the high light of the day. Our first presenter and SOOO funny. We loved him!

Here are some videos from the Luau show. Enjoy. We loved all of it.

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