Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Our Christmas this year was amazing. Besides the horrible weather that shut down Oregon and getting hit by a car, it was pretty great. We stayed with Mel and Kirk, which was so nice of them to let us invade, and had a wonderful time with them.

The biggest surprise of all was getting a puppy! Melissa told Ben and I this horror story on the way to the Lancaster Mall about how Pet Stores kill dogs who get too old be "cute" and that a manager was actually caught at one drowning a dog. We couldn't believe it! So of course she insisted that we went into a pet store (just to look) and Ben saw this little puppy asleep in her box. I was looking at other dogs and someone asked if we wanted to hold one. He picked one out, the sleeping one, and we held her. Immediatly we both fell in love with her and Ben said, "If you want her, we can get her." Well that was a stupid question. Of course I did! I've been wanting a puppy ever since we got married. So what I think he was really saying was, "I really love this dog and if we get one it has to be her. Do you agree?" Right now we are working on potty trainer her, not an easy task, but we're working on it!

Christmas was great with me getting a new camera, a new pair of Big Star jeans, lots of earings from Ben and a really cute shirt from Kirk. Ben got this organizer thing from Jeff and we gave Jason a picture that he had been looking for for a couple years. The whole family did not believe that this picture existed becaue LeAnne had searched for it forever! So all winter long, I've been snapping pictures with my cell phone and sending them to LeAnne, trying to find this picture. Finally, I was in Costco and I snapped one, sent it to her and Ben and I left. She called me and said, "Are you still there?" I replied, "No. We're in the parking lot." She then told us to turn around, she thinks that's the picture. So we got it, and gave it to him for Christmas. Jason told us that when he saw what picture it was, he almost started to cry. We were so happy that we could get him something that he really wanted!

Mom and Dad got us a copy of the beautiful table that we've been house sitting for Jason and LeAnne, since they are taking it back in February. They also gave us some beautiful big pictures from our wedding to hang on the wall. We are so grateful for them, and love them very much.

After Christmas we took family pictures and went to Jake's Baptism, which was very special. He is the first of my niece's or nephews that I've seen baptized, and it meant alot to me that we were there for it.

Finally it was back to Utah, which in an odd way feels very nice to be home. I never thought that I would feel like anywhere but Monmouth was home to me, but I really do here. Ben and I own our condo, we have great friends around us and family not too far off (although they get farther in February, thanks LeAnne), and are continually bleased with successes.

Our Baby Miley!

Mel and Kirk opening Guitar Hero World Tour!


esplin said...

Looks like your Christmas was amazing! What a great family you have! Cute puppie by the way!

The Copelands said...

You're puppy is so darn cute!!! What kind is it???

Oh, by the way, this is Emily:) We started a blog, but it isn't nearly as cute as yours...

See you soon!