Friday, May 23, 2008

Disney World!

Just thought that I would post some pictures from our wonderful Walt Disney World Trip!
Ben had never been to WDW, apparently his family went with-out him when he was on his mission (how mean!) and let's face it, even if I hadn't worked there, I still would be a huge Disney FREAK, but since I have never gotten to share my Disney experiance with someone who I love, I thought that we should go down and have some fun!
So, November 2007 we went down for five days and had a magical time! Ben was especially thrilled with the ice cream from Magic Kingdom and I loved the fire works! It was so much fun, we were sad to come home. At one point Ben commented that we should just give up real life and come work there. I was all for that as you can imagine! :)

Pictures Above: Tower of Terror, 3-D Glasses and Ben Being Goofy!

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