Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So the last three days this has been the scene around my house. Piles of Klenex. Yes, it is a little gross, and yes, that is Cold Stone next to it. My allergies have been FREAKING out and if I'm not sneezing, I'm blowing my nose or sniffing. Needless to say, Ben has been very patient. He says that he's sleeping with a lightsaber because Darth Vader is sleeping next to him (that's me). He thinks he is so funny. But he was very sweet yesterday buying Kung Fu Panda for me and ice cream. He did put his foot down today though and told me to get an appt. with an allergy specialist. I think he'd like some sleep for the first time since we've been married. So... finally I did. Tuesday will be the day! Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong and we can fix it! Just as long as I can keep drinking Dt. Pepsi/Coke! Thanks for everyone who has been so kind while I've had the sniffles!


Asplund Family said...

That is really gross! You need a new posting. I glad you are going to get help!

esplin said...

I hate it when we get sick at our house like that. I hope you are doing well now.