Friday, November 28, 2008


Proud Uncle Ben!
Thanksgiving was good timing this year. Both Ben and I felt that we really needed a break, from work, from school, just basically from life. We remember that this time last year we took off to Walt Disney World right after thanksgiving, and that thought is a little depressing sense we aren't going anywhere except back to life this time.

For Thanksgiving LeAnne and Jason were kind enough to take us in and let us stay up there Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon. Thanksgiving was great, except for my camera breaking. I got around 3 pictures until I had to stop,and then I used LeAnne's much nicer camera to catch the atmosphere of the day. Check out her blog if you want to see those pictures. After feeling like we were all going to puke, we watched Incredibles with Zachy, and eventually everyone went to Bed.

We got up early to go to Home Depot for Uncle Ben who got some new tools and a ladder and then hit Jeremiah's for breakfast. Yum! After that it was back to Home Depot where we found Jason a ladder and then home. By that time, Ben, John and I all felt like it was time to go back home and we got home around 3:00. Ben and I decided to go see James Bond, finally, and really enjoyed it. After that we went to the mall and looked for suites which, after James Bond, some how didn't look just right. (he wears $1500+ suits in the movie and is well... JAMES BOND!!!) So now we're home and relaxing from a tireing day of relaxing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Asplund Family said...

She loves her Uncle Ben Too!!!