Thursday, June 4, 2009


Guess what arrived today? Our WICKED tickets. Orchestra Level, Row J. Woo hoo. Apparently they were supposed to be given to me on my birthday. Ooops. When will Ben learn that even if it has his name on it, if it is delivered to the house when I am home. I will OPEN it! Duh!

I'm so excited!


Pierce and Stacy said...

I am totally the same way, except I save all the bills for him! I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED for y'all!!! (and very jealous as well)

When are you leaving again? What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

Veronica said...

WOW! We just got back from NYC from seeing that show! It's AMAZING you'll love it. Do you know the story?

Andrew and Kristi said...

So I was reading through your blog and I think I should tell you I like both twilight and wicked too! Loved the New Moon footage and these are three more reasons we can be friends!

Cindy said...

Very cool.....Wicked tickets were Bailey's big Christmas present this year. I made this card with the picture from the Wicked poster on is and wrote, "Something Wicked this way comes....." and wrapped it up in a nice box. You will love it!