Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Floors!!

As stated in a post below, we decided to put wood flooring down. Our neighbors had put theirs down the month before, so they helped us out tremendously, having just finished their own floor.

Ben woke up early Saturday morning and began pulling up everything. Derek came over that afternoon to help and I left for work. I got home around 5 o'clock, and almost everything was ready to put floors down. We started laying that night. Around 11, we stopped.

The next day, Derek and Ben worked on the hard corners and grooves, while Tania and I laid out the hallway and the kitchen. We only left the small dining area undone that night, and on Monday morning, Ben finished it.

I am so glad that we got it done so quickly. I hate having a house under construction! The next day I dusted like crazy and I don't think the house has ever been this clean! The photos don't really do it justice, but the wood is a lighter color than the kitchen, but the grooves are dark, and it all blends very nicely.

All that is left is to do the trim pieces and then we'll pain the chairs and tables to match! We are also going to re-carpet the stairs and upstairs, it is still the original carpet from when the apartments were built. The greatest part of having wood floors is that it make cleaning up dog mess SOOO much easier. It's still annoying to clean up, but less so than it was with carpet!

Laying out the first pieces...
Kitchen in the dining room. Wasn't it just last year that the kitchen was in the living room? Will the madness never end?
Measuring to get it just right....


Pierce and Stacy's cameo in our pictures! We are so glad they are back from Puerto Rico! We missed them so much!
Pierce again...
And again! Thanks for the awesome pose!

Well, we're off to New York for the week and couldn't be more excited. Big thanks to Jeremy and Rachel and Tania and Derek for watching our babies!

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