Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sometimes I wonder wonder what our kids are going to look like. Someone once said that Ella could never be mistaken for my child. I saw this picture and thought, well... that's not entirely true. Lets examine the hair color in our families...

My family, we have a mixture of brunette and blond
Ben's family, 3 blond siblings, one dark haired, and Ben, who is in between. Dad is red, and nephew is a carrot top. Humm...

Eyes on both sides range from me having the only brown eyes in the family, Green and very blue. Ben's family (as far as I know, are blue). Ben has the EXACT same color eyes as Ella. This brownish green color.

So look at the pictures below, and it'll show you that we both have the famous "Watkins mouth", similar noses and she has Ben's eye color.

So yes, my child could potentially look like that. Blond hair and all.

How weird would that be?


Pierce and Stacy said...

I love it!

I have totally been thinking about that lately too.... we're doomed! :)

I keep thinking, "oh our kids better have this that pierce has or they better look like my sister or me." I understand exactly. You two will have beautiful children.

Asplund Family said...

I think with all the baby talk it is time to have one!!!

siovhan said...

oh my gosh, you two completely have the same mouth! that's amazing!

briansmithmt said...

Brian and Josh have hazel eyes. so anything is possible. Most of the blondes are getting darker in my family. I would love to see another red head. go for it. Love mom