Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ella Update

So, LeAnne's blog is now private, so I thought that I would update everyone as to what is going on with our Angel Fish. She started her first round of Chemo on Wednesday, but had to have a surgery first. The surgery put a stint in her chest that they can administer the chemo through because her veins are just too little. She also had a tube put into her ear because she is prone to ear infections and what could be worse that a 1 1/2 year old on chemo? A 1 1/2 year old on chemo with an ear infection.

The surgery was first, went very well, and then the chemo. Apparently the surgery cause our poor girl to throw up ALOT. The chemo, I am sure, did not help. When they got home, My Mom gave her a little dish set that she absolutley loved and played with all night. They also got some food in her and that improved her mood. The thing that really sucks is that they don't allow these little kids to eat before things like surgery, so they are starving, and that does not help.

But our little girl is doing well. She will survive this, and for that we are eternally grateful!

Thanks for all your help and your prayers!

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