Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Say No to Bleach

Ben and I have been thinking for some time that we need to replace the floors in our house. Ben talked for a long time about putting some hard wood down, and then our neighbors did it in their apartment. We liked it, but weren't sure if it was what we wanted to do after all.

Last week, the decision to do SOMETHING was made for us. As I was being a good little wife and doing laundry I heard a big crash. Our washer and dryer and in a closet in the hallway (perfect place for it right? Insert eye roll) and I walked out of the bedroom and froze in shock. On the spin cycle, the washer had shimmed the gallon bottle of bleach to fall and crash onto our green hallway carpet. It was EVERYWHERE.

I kind of just stood in shock. My friend Sian was there, and grabbed a towel and started soaking it up. I grabbed the carpet cleaner vac and started to suck it all up. I knew my efforts were in vain, and called Ben about a million times to help me think of something else I could do to help minimize the damage. He did not answer. (Now of course I thought 'What if I was being attacked and you didn't answer your phone? That would teach him' but of course I let it go)

So now the search is on for what we are doing on the floors. Hard Wood, a laminate hard wood, new carpet, tile or a laminate tile. My vote is for the laminate wood, or the real tile. However, I am looking for any experienced opinion on the choices.

Moral of the story: Bleach Sucks.

And before you ask, Yes, there was a lid on the bleach and yes, it was screwed on tight. The impact from the fall made it shoot off.

The spot on the carpet. Not to bad for a gallon of bleach being dumped on it

How we cover it up for the time being.


Pierce and Stacy said...

OMG that is AWFUL!!! (And something that would totally happen to me) I'm so sorry.

I think you should do hardwood floor. (But I'm the one not having to think about the cost or pay for it) :)

Or just put wood in yourselves and stain it like your awesome cabinets!!!!

Juliana said...

Oh man!! It's a good thing though--now you can get the new stuff sooner! :)

Jef said...

The voice of experience here...Hardwood looks nice, lasts a long time, can be fun to have. Installing it can be difficult, it is expensive, and caring for it can be a bear. Laminate wood flooring...is easy to install, much cheaper than real hardwood, (I found it online for 99 cents/square foot) and easy to care for. It looks almost the same too.

My recommendation after having installed both and having installed tile, go with the non-glue type laminate flooring...you'll be happy you did.