Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ella Bella

I will blog more about our crazy weekend a little later, but here is a brief update.

Friday was my birthday and I was at work when Mom called to tell me that the MRI on Ella was not good. She has LCH, a child-cancer. Needless to say, I left work, Ben met me at home, and we took off to Logan, birthday forgotten. Sad thing is, it was Jason (Ella's Dad's bday also) Not the news you want to hear as a father EVER, but especially on your birthday. Mom flew in that night and arrived at 11:30. LeAnne said it was good to have us there, just to hold Ella and give LeAnne a break. I can't imagine the stress that type of day has on a Mother.

Wednesday will be the big day, with hopefully more answers. Ella will have surgery to remove the bump behind her ear, hopefully all of it and biopsey it. Then we'll go from there. For now, here are a few pictures from our trip up this weekend.

Boys with the candy I brought up for them. They, and Ella, LOVED it.

Look at that football face. She's ready to face the Utes!

Loves with Mom

Playing with make-up.

What every Watkins woman needs after a long stressful day. Diet Pepsi.

Loves with Uncle Ben.

Who says boys only like Power Wheels? If I stopped for a second, even to turn around, she screamed at me!

Teaching Ella to say my name. She's going to be getting Grandma coaching for the next couple weeks, so I had to get my turn in.


Pierce and Stacy said...

We are so sorry to hear about your cute little niece, but we will be praying for her. I'm glad you live so close to family and were able to go see them. And get such great pics of the family!

We love you guys! And we're coming back soon we hope. I'll let you know when we have more definite plans.

Vickie Blanchard said...

So sad and scary! I hope and will pray things go well on Wednesday!

Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing.....I will be anxiously awaiting updates. Big hugs to all.....