Thursday, December 10, 2009


Thanksgiving was so great. My Mom and Dad, sister Melissa and husband Kirk came all the way from Oregon to spend it with us! They also went to see Savior of the World, which was very special for me.

LeAnne and Jason were gracious enough to host all of us at their house for the weekend. They really are the best! We love you guys! Here's some pictures from the weekend...

Ella loved the dogs. She walk around saying "My..." for Miley. Very cute!

They boys playing football. It was quite funny because it was a sunny day, but cold. All the Utah boys (i.e. Jason, John and Ben) had shirts on. Kirk came out to play, beanie, coat and all. We love our Oregon family! :)

Isn't this girl just the cutest! We sure do love her a whole lot!

Mama and LeAnne cooking dinner. OH MY was it amazing!

Ella giving loves to her Grandpa!

Jason cutting the Turkey like a Pro!

Ella and her mama. Oh my goodness, is a dog that close to LeAnne? Impossible.

Ella "playing" with Miley. We had to tell her to "be soft" a couple of times and this is the look we would get back. "Who me?"

I think there is someone hiding down there...

Come out or I'm gonna get you out!

Being nice with Uncle Ben and Miley.

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