Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I don't know.

What is this you may ask? This is the surest sign that I have a new book. Yes, the line on my hand from holding a book. Right now I am reading the new Gereld Lund book: The Undaunted.

I'll let you know what I think when I'm done. I haven't enjoyed a book since... Well, the Hunger Games Sequel. :(

Thanksgiving pictures to come.


Pierce and Stacy said...

haha, I LOVE the line picture. That's great. I would never think to do that- take a picture of the line on my hand from a book!

The Copelands said...

You are too funny! I miss you!

Bryan and Afton said...

Haha, a book line?! You like the Hunger Games too? I loved that book, can't wait for the third one to come out next year.