Monday, November 9, 2009


Ben and I were fortunate enough to be the ones with his brother Eric his last few days before he went on his mission to Argentina.

Eric came down and we all went out to dinner, Ben and I said "ANYWHERE" thinking more Tocanos, but Eric wanted to go to Los Hermanos (a local Mexican restaurant) so since he was the boss... we went.

The next day we ran errands in Salt Lake, getting shoes and stuff for the mission, but we first went to the Salt Lake Temple for a session, which I had never done. It was such a beautiful temple, and even more so knowing all the effort it took the Pioneers to make it extra special.

Although they were dragging their feet, I did get a few pictures at the temple. I had my camera out when I dropped Eric off at the MTC, especially for Mom Louise, but he grabbed his bags and said, "See ya!" before he took off up the hill. I guess he was a little anxious. :)

It's weird to think about two years going by and how life could be different. Ben will be almost 30! ha ha! What an old man. :)

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