Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fun Friend Night

So, Ben and I decided that we wanted to have friends over and play games on Sat night. We invited some of the funnest, greatest people we know and had a blast. Love to you all!

Andrew and Luke. Luke was perfectly content to watch Monsters Inc on our iMac while we played upstairs. He is seriously the chillest child ever! We love him!

The boys (minus Andrew who was downstairs with Luke)
L to R: Pierce Thiot, Ben, Richard Hyde, Jeremy Koontz and Matt Apken

Rachel Koontz, Kim Hyde and Stacy Thiot

Kim and Stacy with Danielle Apken

Me and Kristi. Love this girl!

We had so much fun. Thanks to every one who came. You guys are the best friends we could ever ask for!


Pierce and Stacy said...

That's right. :) I missed you....

Asplund Family said...

Looks like a fun night!!!

Juliana said...

Fun! That's what I need--a nice fun game night! Ü