Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Strange things are happening to me.

So lots of stuff has been happening! Well, not really. :) I'm teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) at a local school here. It's part part time (like 10 hours a week) but it's good to get my feet wet and see if I like teaching and want to make it a full time thing. So far I love it.

Rehearsal is going well, I have been working up a sweat during our 'Wedding Dance' scene. It's going to kick butt. Who thought "Happy Walking" would be so tiring? Happy Walking is what my choreographer calls the little prancing around that we do. I prefer to call it prancing.

However, I have suddenly started getting bruises. (If you haven't noticed from my facebook page). Ben says I'm just a klutz, but as I told him, I've always been one and now I've got four on my left leg (one massive) one on my foot (caused by him, but blamed on me) one on my left hip, and one on my arm. I keep thinking of the song Sara Beth by Rascal Flatts. Yes, I'm dramatic. Yes I know "The bruise that just won't go away" turns into Cancer!

Other than that, life is pretty normal. Or as normal as it gets for us Smiths. I miss my friends so much sometimes that I look at plan tickets for just the weekend I want to go to Utah so bad. ($78 one-way Southwest if anyone wants to come visit!) I'm just saying...

Here's some photos of life. And yes, I'm a little obsessive about my bruise.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Massive isn't it?

Love this dog's looks sometimes.

Isn't her hair cut cute? I love the bows!
So Cute!

This is typically what is on my bed when I got to get in it to go to sleep

Sadie hates it when she's left home alone with Me. She waits for Ben to come home...

And Just in case no one knows what I mean by Sarah Beth... Here is the music video. :)


Stacy Thiot said...

haha, love it. I was wondering what happened. Did you like my comment on fbook? hahahahahaha

So, that's so amazing that you know ESL... :) And I'm happy you are teaching, you are an amazing teacher, and I would know--- you little wicked TA.

I do like Miley's haircut, cute. And, even better, that Sadie doesn't like hanging out with you and likes Ben... prepping you for motherhood - you win some, you lose some.

Miss you. Maybe I might just lose $78 soon.....

Brown Family said...

Megan, I loved reading your update!! You're not the only one getting bruises lately. Except mine haven't been so big, but I went to the doctor to get my blood work done before we left Utah, everything turned out normal, so they said I'm likely not getting enough Iron in my diet!

Lindsay said...

I love bruises too! Badge of honor! Rock it girl! ;)

briansmithmt said...

I'm soryy you are getting bruises. I have always brused easily so I know what that is like. I love to hear how you are doing. thanks, Mom