Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy Busy Busy.

A lot has been happening since our big move in August. Here is some of the highlights.

PACKING was a nightmare. Took forever! Packing with Ben is even worse. He doesn't want to throw anything away! I was so tempted to throw away a box that we had no idea what was inside and hadn't been opened in two years. But... I didn't. Thanks to Pierce and Stacy, we got the place clean and got furniture we bought for our renters build and put in place.

We are renting to singles now. We finally got a third girl into our apartment thanks to Stacy. She is the best sales women ever. We would've been out an extra $300 a month! We are so grateful for them and their continued friendship.

Cops. Police Officers. Pigs. Po-po. Insane People. Any way you say it, it's the same thing. I am typically one that doesn't break the law, but every time I see a cop car, my hear races and I freak out.

So imagine my terror, when last week I suddenly got pulled over. I frantically said to myself, why am I being pulled over, I wasn't speeding, what's going on. I was freaking out.

So why did I get pulled over you ask? Well... two pedestrians were crossing the street, right to left side of the road. I was on the right side lane. They were well into the left lane, almost to the sidewalk, and I didn't stop. So I got pulled over. But here's the really zinger. IT WAS A STING OPERATION! The two pedestrians were undercover cops, and they called in a cop to pull me over. Are you freaking kidding me. I had to go to court to plead on my $287 ticket. So as I watched as Monmouth/Independence low lifes and illegals got reduced fines for driving without a licence, insurance, with a child not buckled into their car seat, ect ect. So what does mine get? $230. Yup. Stupid it sucks. I hate it.

In other news...

Ben and I were supposed to move to my parents for 2 weeks and then up to a place in WA late August. However, Ben and I were having trouble finding renters, due to the fact that we had people back out twice. So we decided that we would try and live with Mom and Dad for a little while here in Monmouth to save up some money and hopefully buy another house. It of course comes with some... complications. :) Mom and Dad's house is always busy. With LOTS of people. Over the last 4 1/2 years, Ben and I are used to our silence. So this is an adjustment that is bound to get a little better now that school has started.

I got cast as Hodel in Fiddler on the roof. She is the main character's second daughter. Here is a video of one of the songs that I sing. The play opens November 14 and runs until December 4.

Ben's job is going well. He is really enjoying working from home and the supposed freedom that it offers. He actually works more than he used to! It is not uncommon for him to work 10 hour days at least. He is up every morning at 7 am and working. I admire his diligence so much.

My job is not going so well. As many of you know, when Ben got his job, it required us to move states. Something that my job did not allow me to do as well. So I went back to work for Red Robin. I thought that here in Oregon it would be great, minimum wage and tips. But as I told Ben yesterday, it is like having to slit my wrists every time I go in there. Maybe that's a little dramatic... but it's how I feel. I am currently looking for a new opportunity. Too bad I'm not pregnant and can get away with not having a job at all...

Today, my father sliced the tip of his finger off while using a chop saw. Ben took me to the Dr.'s office to drive my father home, and on his way back got pulled over for not wearing his seat belt. Needless to say, neither of us are not too please with the police around here. Small town stuff.

We miss all of our friends and our privacy, but it's so nice to be around family and be able to help my parents where I can. We are grateful for our blessing to be able to be here and save money.

I will post some pictures of our first DUCK game that we went to. 72-0! What a game to be at. Crazy!


Juliana said...

Wow! Crazy small town cops! Ugh! Hope you can find a better job soon! But in the meanwhile enjoy playing Hodel! I love that play! I was Yenta once! Ü "Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a match!"

Lindsay said...

Glad to get an update from you! That sucks about the cops, and even suckier about red robin. Is it just lame because it's not Provo, or do you think you're just over it? I hope you can find something else soon!

Brown Family said...

I felt like I was reading my own words about the moving out of state, living with your parents and missing friends back in Utah, you said it so well. It's def. an adjustment and we also miss our own space! I'm so glad you got renters, keep the updates coming!

The Copelands said...

Congrats on your new job! Now you just need to update your blog and tell us what it is you will be doing since facebook did not explain it very well:)