Monday, August 31, 2009


Change is the Essence of life Be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become.
* Disclaimer: We are not pregnant and I'm not hinting at anything


Do you ever have something truly unexpected happen in your life?

You aren't sure you're happy about it or not? Well, something like that happened recently to Ben and I and I'm determined to make it positive! My friend Stacy has inspired me and I too have been wanting to have a more positive outlook! On work and home life especially and reach out to new/old friends.

It's so hard sometimes to make an effort with people. Especially here in Provo. You never know if people are going to be around for a year, or more, or less. So do you really want to be emotionally invested and then have that friend leave?
But I'm determined to. I told myself that I would start to get to know people in the ward better, not just my friends, and invite people over more or to hang out. I get really self-conscious about friends. I worry that we aren't fun enough, or spiritual enough, or cool enough. Basically, enough. But no more!

I really want to surround myself with people that I feel have the same values in life and are positive role-models.
An old neighbor just moved back into our complex and we are so excited about it! We really want to reach out and become good friends with them because they are the nicest people and have the cutest little girl.

We also have friends that schedules always seem to conflict with ours, so planning is going to be a new goal. If we plan to hang out, then we will!

I am so excited for this new semester of school. Although I am not starting school like many others around me (very odd feeling, by the way) it is like an un-official new years. A new school year, and a great time to make changes.

On a completely different note, while looking for "change" pictures, I found this one. Thought it was funny. Please, it's just a joke.


Asplund Family said...

Good for you Megan...what a great outlook on life. You are a wonderful person and an inspiration in so many things you so many people. Thanks for your wonderful smile and beautiful personality! - Jason

Juliana said...

Change isn't always easy! Good luck on your new outlook! Inspired me! Ü

Asplund Family said... impressed with your attitude. It would be really easy to be down right now and I admire you for looking at life this way. I too am looking for a change....mostly in me! Change is never bad just an unkown!

Lindsay said...

Good goals Meg! We always had problems with the friends thing in Provo too. Now we're trying to break the habit and make friends in Anchorage! Good luck!

And loved the last picture- very funny!

Tanisha said...

oh megs. does this mean you're not coming to pumpkin carving this year? i'll tell mike to clean up his mouth for it. :)

Vickie Blanchard said...

I definitely think you guys are fun enough, spiritual enough, and cool enough to be friends with! I wish we could still hang out!

Pierce and Stacy said...

Aww... thanks for the shout-out! Thank you for wanting to be positive with me too, I need a good friend to help me. And I'm so glad that we are still good friends even though we moved far far away. We love you guys.