Sunday, August 2, 2009

Burgers, Bleach, Vomit and Angel Fishes

This week has been... not fun. At work Monday, it was one of the slowest nights that I have experienced in a long time. It is hard to spend time away from Ben, but especially when I don't feel like it is worth it. 

Then I got a call. And a text. LeAnne needed help. Ella needed to go for a chemo treatment and it was her six week checkup, so x-rays too, and someone needed to take the kids to swim and tennis lessons. But she had a warning: My niece Amanda is visiting them from Oregon, helping out with the kids, was throwing up. I said, "So you're asking me to drive 2 1/2 hours to Logan, get work off, to potentially get sick?" She said, "Yup." So I got someone to cover my shift on Tuesday night, and drove up to Logan on Tuesday afternoon. 

I stopped in Draper and had lunch with Ben, a new sushi place, and we loved it. I drove up there and LeAnne had the bug too. The next morning I woke up to take kids to lessons, and LeAnne said, "Uh, they're not going anywhere." Jake and Ryan were both throwing up. Yum. Amanda was feeling better, but LeAnne still needed me to stick around as long as possible. I had to be to work that afternoon/evening. So around 1 o'clock, I finally left. 

We've been having Brand Equity Review this week at Red Robin, which basically means that we have to detail clean every single inch of the restaurant. I hate bleach. I worked a Wednesday night shift and then stayed until 12:30-ish cleaning. Then I had to go to work Thursday with corporate there and pretend that I was a perky upbeat server who loved my job. Yeah Right. That night, I had to pull gum off the bottom of chair and tables. I hated my job. 

Then we found out about our Ella. He treatment is not working and that is news we weren't prepared for. 

Here is a little piece of LeAnne's blog that explains what is going on:

"We had to go early today to do a skeletal survey--basically they did x-rays of every bone in her body. Then we headed up for our regular appointment which started off extremely well. When it came time to take her vitals, Ella walked right over the scale and stood on it then walked over to the wall to get measured (which is certainly not typical). In fact, she didn't even shed a tear when we did the blood pressure...which is always a major point of anxiety for her. She just did awesome! The nurse then came in to do the Chemo and take blood work. Just before she gave the Chemo the doctor came in and said to hold off. Well, we knew right then something was not right. So we waited...and waited, and when the doctors finally came back they told us that her skeletal survey showed that two of the original legions on her head have actually increased in size and that she has developed another new legion. The large lump behind her ear has stabilized, but not really gotten smaller. That is not what anyone, especially the doctors, wanted to see after six weeks of treatment.

So now what you ask? Well, our Oncology doctors now need to consult with a couple of the "premier" LCH experts in the world, since only one in ten kids with LCH don't show improvement after the first six weeks of treatment (Ella is bound and determined to be a stand-out statistic from everyone else!). There are a couple of possible options for treatment going forward, that obviously will be somewhat more intensive than this initial regiment. We are consigned to wait, for now, for a direction until the doctors make a decision. We are pretty certain it will either be a repeat of the 6-week regiment we just underwent, with an additional drug...or we will go to a more aggressive treatment that involves five consecutive days of 2-hour treatments, repeated every four weeks."

They are a very strong family and we love them very much. We are all confident that this is just a bump in the road and we'll just keep moving forward. 

To cap off the week, Friday I drove John to the airport, but on the way I hit a HUGE piece of metal in the middle of 215 and blew my tire out causing a four hour pain in the butt experience that ending in hitting stop and go traffic on the way home and me not being able to make it into work. SUCK!

Saturday Ben and i kept paining the house. I hate painting, but it's going to look amazing when it's done. Much better than the yucky buttercup yellow that it was. I mean, come on, seriously? Oak furniture, brass hardware, green and grey carpet, baby pink and blue backsplash and yellow walls. WHAT WERE THOSE PEOPLE THINKING!!

So tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully a better week a head. Bear Lake is this weekend with LeAnne and Jay's brood, Brent and Jennifer and family are coming from Oregon, and Mel and Kirk. Wa hoo! 


siovhan said...

i am so sorry, my dear. that is horrible. and the news about ella breaks my heart. my prayers are with your family.

and car problems rank really high on the siovhan list of sucktastic grown-up responsibilities.

Sian said...

good attitude meg!

Lindsay said...

Wow! I'm missing so much of your life! I'm so sorry to hear about Ella- you guys are a great support to them I'm sure. And all your remodeling and everything sounds great! We should be recording on our new place today!! Then we can start ripping it apart and making it how we like it- so fun!

briansmithmt said...

Our prayers are with you and your family. I hope you have a great time at the lake. love Louise

Bryan and Afton said...

Wow. Sounds like you've had a rough few weeks (and I think that's a bit of an understatement).
Sian's right, great attitude! I hope things start looking up soon.

Asplund Family said...

Again...THANK YOU for coming to my rescue! We love you! Can't wait for this weekend either I need a BREAK. Is it really a break when I have all my kids?

Watkins Family said...

So I'm looking at your blog and can't hardly believe that 5 out of 7 of our children are partying together and Dad and I are here in Oregon. I'm sad but am very glad you can all be together. Have fun!!!!!

The Copelands said...

You better have enjoyed your trip to Bear Lake!!! I'm excited to hear about it when you get back!