Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm totally obsessed with this shower curtain!

Leanne, a girl that I know from my Freshman year at BYU is so creative and she made it. BY HAND! She copied the idea from Anthropologie, and like I said, I'M OBSESSED!

I looked at Urban Outfitters and there was some bed spreads and other shower curtains similar, but Ben said NO to those. Said that he didn't want to sleep in a bed that took all the testosterone out of his body. Psh. Whatever. BUT he liked the one Leanne made, so... either I have to buy the one from anthropologie which is SOOO expensive. OR, learn to sew. Seeing as neither of those things is going to happen.... I'll just admire Leanne's blog. :)

In the meantime, I'll continue to dream of my house where I can decorate whatever the heck I want and Ben doesn't interfere.

That is my rant for today. :)

Here is the link for Leanne's blog. If you can sew (not me) or love creativity (me), you should read it and love it like I do.



Whitney J said...

hey megan! aaron and ben are totally the same....for some reason aaron won't let me get pink sheets! like what the heck??? :) and that is suuuuuch a cute shower curtain!

The Copelands said...

you should pay leanne to make you one of those shower curtains! Then you don't have to spend as much as you would at anthropology, but you can still get the product that you are obsessing over:) That is, if she would make it for you? I don't know her, so who knows!

Joseph and Angela Dougherty said...

Leanne is SOO creative! It sort of makes me want to puke (can you tell I'm totally jealous?? Haha!) I'm with the Copelands, just have Leanne make you one. Or you may have just found yourself a new hobby! ;)

Mara said...

I REALLY want the gray or ivory duvet from Urban Outfitters. Maybe if I don't tell my husband how much it costs he'll let me buy it :)

Leanne said...

aaagh! I'm so flattered that you did a freaking post about my curtain! Seriously Megan, I would love to make you one, but the problem is that I will need to be admitted to a mental institute if I spend 16 hours making ruffles one more time :) But I did make a tutorial! Thanks again for such a nice compliment!

Asplund Family said...

I see that you have another option and that is pay your friend to make you one!!! :) I would but I don't sew!!! Love ya!

Sian said...

it really is beautiful!

jessica said...

Megan, I just saw a curtain like this on etsy.com. Can't remember how much it was but it looked exactly like the ones at Anthropologie. Super cute!!!