Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall things

Here's some photos of things that have been happening around here of late.

Jason and LeAnne came to visit. Isn't she so stinking cute?
We all went to the pumpkin patch

Ella fell asleep in the dog's bed. Hey, don't judge. It's nice. We bought it from Costco! ;)

I made Miley a Lion mane for Halloween. Yes, I know. We need to have a baby. But isn't she cute?

I was Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, Sadie was Toto, and Miley the Cowardly Lion.

Ella ate ice cream.

Ben continues to torture Miley.

And that's our life around here. :) Love you all. Miss you like CRAZY!


The Copelands said...

Too bad you're having all that fun in Oregon and not Utah. Miss you!

Vickie Blanchard said...

Ella is adorable---how is her health situation these days? Your costume is great!

Brown Family said...

Your Halloween costume is so cute!!

Sarah and Wes said...

Hey your blog looks amazing!! I LOVE the fall background. Very classy. And these are very cute pictures.

Andrew and Kristi said...

Love these pictures! And I love the look of you blog, it is perfect!

Stephen ans Sian McCuen said...

I love the pictures!

Stephen ans Sian McCuen said...
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Juliana said...

:Love the Halloween costumes!

briansmithmt said...

I thought you were dorthy, Brian said Oklahoma. sadie makes a cute toto and I love miley's cowardly Lion.

Stacy Thiot said...

Your blog looks fantastic, do you like it?! Nice update.. I've been so bad about blogging.... I hate getting on the computer outside of work - you know how it is.

Miss you!