Sunday, March 28, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends

Lately life has been both challenging and rewarding. I am seriously thinking about hanging up the apron strings for good. It's been stressful trying to work two jobs, spending time with my husband, and also try to maintain a good lifestyle (i.e. keep the house clean, go to the gym ect.)

However, Ben and I have some great friends that help us manage our busy life and remind us that we need to relax and have some fun.

On Wednesday night, we went over to our friends and watched The Blind Side. Seriously a great movie. We'd never seen it, but are so glad our friend Chase bought it so we could watch it with him and the Thiot's. Stacy also made her amazing chicken alfredo, which just made the whole night even better!!

Friday night, as you know from the post below, we went to Legally Blonde with our friends Andrew and Kristi. I would have never known it was coming to SLC without them.

Saturday was especially fun. Melissa brought the kids down and we all went to festival of colors. Which, I think every knows what is. If you don't ask me. But since I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this blog does...

We met up with the Thiots (and Katie) but the chalk that you throw to celebrate spring, was all gone. They did the kindests thing imaginable and gave us and the kids some of their chalk. They are truly the greatest friends.

Here are some pics from our fun.

Me, Stacy and Ella

The Thiots. We love them.

Jake, Ry, and Zack, all dirty!

Ella Bella and her pink hair
I love this picture of Zack!
Friends. Awww...
PSI! All the way!
Chase. Technically my boss... but way to cool to act like it!

Katie, Stacy's sister.
Pierce and His crazy chalk job! I think he looked the coolest.
Me and my best gal Stacy.
Mel and El
Aww... the Looove eachother.
Zack, not sure what to make of it, Ryan being a goofball.
The Fam. All dirtied up. I thought Mel was going to have a heart attack about Ella's hair. She was pretty sure LeAnne (Ella's Mom) would kill her if Ella came back with bright pink hair.
Well that's all folks. Thanks again for being the greatest of friends! Love to you all and those of you who can't be around, but I feel your love anyways.


AllisonEsplinPhotography said...

How fun!!!! So glad you got to have some fun!

Juliana said...

Not sure what the festival of colors is but from the pics I think I got the idea! Ü FUn with friends! Ü

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