Friday, April 3, 2009

Things to come... hopefully

First off: I apologize. I am not going to be a nice person for the next few weeks. School is wrapping up and I feel like the picture above me. So along with not wanting to go or participate in school, I don't want to go to work either. I just want to go to Hawaii. Is that so much to ask?
I keep daydreaming about what I'll do when I graduate. Here are some highlights.
Golf. I am going to golf more this summer and prove to my husband that I am the woman I said I was when we got married.
Play myself silly and Sleep. So wonderfully illustrated by Ben and Ryan.Hopefully get a job here so that I don't have to work...Here anymore. Not that I don't love all of you, I do. But hopefully it'll be time to hang up the apron.
And lastly... spend more time with my Best Friend....
THAT above all else is what I am the MOST looking forward to.


Lindsay said...

Your close, Meg, so close! As stupid as it sounds, TRY TO ENJOY the last couple of weeks. Really. It's your last time in school. A part of you WILL miss it. =)

Lindsay said...

And I met YOU'RE close. I HATE that typo.

Allison said...

Congrats! You are almost there. WE wish you the best.