Thursday, March 12, 2009

So I had a Bad Day

You know the song, 'Had a Bad day'? As I walked to and fro from school yesterday I had this song going through my head. Let's start things off with a list of the things that sucked....

1. My car suddenly wouldn't turn on. (not my fault btw)
2. My water turned off. Thank you ex-HOA manager Jack (leave out swear word, leave out swear word....)
3. Um... pain because of ... you probably don't need to know why. Just pain. Painful pain!!
4. Teachers that have to have their way for no explainable reason. Errr....
5. 44 days until graduation, not soon enough.

So I came home, took a bath because my water was finally on again (Thank you Tania) and got in my BYU warm-ups. Ben got pizza and Dt. Coke THANK YOU!!! He fixed my car and we watched a movie. It was the perfect ending to the not-perfect day. Big Thank You to Elena who walked with me to get some food, seriously needed and ice cream.

So if you came accross me yesterday, I'm sorry. It was a day of sarcasim and griping. If you humored me, thank you too.

Love you all!



Pierce and Stacy said...

The first thing I saw was the Diet Coke and I thought... OH NO!!! You said you had been so good about it. haha. But good job Ben for saving the day! And I know your pain, girl, I know.

Lindsay said...

Glad the ending was good! Graduation WILL come, I promise!!

Derek & Tania said...

If I ever come across Jack in a dark alley.... Lets just say he won't be walking home... Up for a couples date night this weekend?

Future Mama said...

Aww, sorry you had a bad day but I'm glad it got better!